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China Sun Energy (CSUN) Solar Panel Review

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China Sunenergy

China Sunenergy (CSUN) is a Chinese solar company which used to produce solar cells initially. Later, the company expanded into solar panel production, with solar developers and installers as its main customers. CSUN is listed with the NASDAQ and is the smallest US listed Chinese solar stock, with a market value of just $30 million. CSUN will ship around 500 MW of solar products in 2013. China Sunenergy is closely affiliated with the renowned China Electrical Equipment Group (CEEG). However the company has survived the vicious solar downturn, though it is still in losses. China Sun Energy set up a 300 MW solar cell/panel factory in Turkey, which will allow them to sell their products across Europe and US without being impacted by EU’s pending decision on anti-dumping duties. CSUN manufactures solar cells and modules.

Types of China Sunenergy Solar Panels

CSUN modules are designed for use at any location. They can withstand ammonia and salt spray e.g. in coastal and farming areas and are even hail-tested with a diameter of 25mm and an impact speed of 23m/s. The products are certified according to international quality and environment standards ISO 9001 and 14001. CSUN produces both mono- and polycrystalline modules:

  • QSAR I & II
  • Standard Mono Series
  • Standard Poly Series

1) CSUN Mono-crystalline Modules

i) QSAR I & II


a) Cell type: Monocrystalline

b) Module efficiency: up to 16.63%

c) Average power rating: up to 320 Wp

d) No of Cells: 60 or 72 cells (156*156 mm each)

Models: QSAR I CSUN 320-72M, QSAR II CSUN 320-72M, QSAR I CSUN 270-60M and QSAR II CSUN 270-60M.

ii) Standard Mono Series, The Energizer


a) Cell type: Monocrystalline

b) Module efficiency: up to 16.06%

c) Average power rating: up to 300 Wp

d) No of Cells: 60 or 72 cells (156*156 mm each)

Models:  CSUN 300-72M, CSUN 205-72M, CSUN 250-60M

2) CSUN Poly-crystalline Modules



a) Cell type: Polycrystalline

b) Module efficiency: up to 16.01%

c) Average power rating: up to 310 Wp

d) No of Cells: 60 or 72 cells (156*156 mm each)

Models: CSUN 310-72P CSUN 260-60P

ii) Standard Poly Series


a) Cell type: Polycrystalline

b) Module efficiency: up to 15.75%

c) Average power rating: up to 305 Wp

d) No of Cells: 60 or 72 cells (156*156 mm each)

Models: CSUN 305-72P CSUN 255-60P


 CSUN modules come with a 10 year product warranty and 25 year power output guarantee.

CSUN Costs & Margins

China Sunenergy has one of the lowest conversion costs of solar cells and panels in the industry at 15c/watt and 20c/watt, giving a total wafer to panel conversion cost of just 35c/watt. The company intends to reduce this further by almost 15% to 31c/watt by the end of this year. If the current wafer costs of ~20c/watt remains the same, CSUN will have a cost of just 51c/watt for solar panels. 
China Sun Energy suffers from low margins as the company sells modules at lower prices than competitors (59c/watt ASP in Q113). The company also does not have any in-house wafer manufacturing capacity. If polysilicon and wafer prices increase (which I think they will), the company might suffer more.







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  1. David

    Hi, I think your info about China Sun Energy is incorrect. I read from the news that due to financial problem, this company has already been moved out from NASDAQ in 2016.