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Solar Powered Water Pumps – Concept, Types, Working Mechanism, Subsidies And Suppliers in India

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What is a Solar powered Water Pump

As the title suggests the solar powered water pumps, use solar energy to run. These solar powered water pumps are extremely cost-effective, durable, easy to install and require minimum maintenance. The life of an installed pump can be as long as 20 years. The maintenance and running cost is also very low as compared to the normal water pumps. The solar modules need to be cleaned from time to time foe efficient running. These systems are best alternatives in areas where there is no electricity or reliable supply is not available.

The main components of Solar powered Water Pumps

  1. Solar Panels
  2. Pump
  3. Electric Motor and
  4. Controller 

The pump uses the electricity generated by solar energy stored in solar panels to function. The electric motor is used to manage the AC or DC current and the controller is used to adjust the speed and output power. Solar Powered water pumps are much more economical and efficient to run than the traditional diesel powered pumps, since solar energy is free. Solar powered water pumps can be extremely useful for farmers who work on a small scale. These are also useful in cattle feeding, horticulture farms, gardens and irrigation. Solar powered water pumps are also finding usage in Oil and gas extraction.

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How does Solar Powered Water pumps work

Solar Energy in the form of light rays falls on the solar photovoltaic panels and got converted into electrical energy through silicon wafers embedded in the solar photovoltaic panels. This electrical energy then goes to the DC based motor pumping system through the cables and operates this motor. By rotation of the shaft coupled to mono-block pump, the pump starts lifting the ground water and throw it out for use. (source: PEDA)

Types of Solar Powered Water Pumps

Solar water pumps can be of two types:

i) Surface water pumps – These pumps are suitable for lifting and pumping water from a maximum depth of 20 meters.

ii) Submersible water pumps – These pumps can be used in areas where water is available at a greater depth and where open wells are not available. The maximum recommended depth these systems can pump is 50 meters.

Some Suppliers of Solar Powered Water Pumps in India

1) Tata Power Solar

2) VRG Energy, Gujarat

3) Balaji Industrial and Agricultural Castings

4) Waaree Group, Surat

5) Vimal Electronics

6) JJ PV Solar

7) Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.

8) Span Pumps Pvt. Ltd, Maharashtra

9) Kavita Solar Energy Pvt.Ltd, UP

10) Conergy Energy Sytems Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore

11) Sharada Inventions, Nashik

12) Prosun Eenrgy Pvt. Ltd, Tamil Nadu


Revised Capital Subsidy and Benchmark cost of the SPV System by MNRE

Sl.No. Type of System Benchmark Cost (Rs./Wp)
1 Power Plants/ Packs
(with battery)
i) 210 Wp to 1 kWp 240
ii) > 1 kWp to 10 kWp 220
iii) > 10 kWp to 100 kWp 200
2 Power Plants/ Packs
(with battery)
i) upto 5 kWp 160
ii) > 5 kWp to 100 kWp 140
iii) > 100 kWp to 500 kWp 130
 In India, the Government has already taken steps to distribute these water pumps to the farmers at subsidized rates. They are required to pay as low as just 14% of the total cost to avail the water pumps. The poor farmers will thus save on the diesel and electricity costs required to run a traditional water pump


“We are planning distribute the pumps by the end of the February. The department has already invited expressions of interest from solar pump set manufacturers. Around 12 manufacturers have been shortlisted to supply solar pump sets in rural areas,” a senior official said.

Officials claimed the pump will be given to the farmers at a lower price as compared to the earlier distribution. ” The 3HP solar power surface pump would cost Rs 4.25 lakh while the 3HP submersible solar pump with a maximum 75-metre head would cost around Rs 4.85 lakh. “

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  1. Victoria -

    Considering the country’s industrial characteristics, there is no doubt that India is one of the biggest markets for pumps. Solar powered water pumps may need more time to become popular though. The advantages surely sound great and hopefully industries will quickly learn how they can benefit from using a solar powered one. I particularly love how they are a lot more cost effective and easy to use and maintain.

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  3. T Mustafa

    I am looking for solar powered water submersible pump about 50 m for 40 acres farm



    I am from kannur , KERALA STATE
    can u suggest any contact person or institution to
    avail solar equipped pumps with subsidy
    waiting for your favorable advice
    your site is very very interesting and helpful
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    Ramesh Ram

  5. Greta James

    I like that you brought up that the pumps can be submersible up to 50 meters and can pump the water for a long distance. My neighbor has an irrigation pond, and I heard that he is thinking of getting a pump to move the water to his field. I will have to let him know about your advice for a solar pump.