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LG cuts Power Bills with new Energy Efficient Inverter Air Conditioners

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LG Air Conditioners

Founded in 1958, LG is known for bringing advanced digital products and applied technologies to its customers. LG Electronics is on its way to becoming a worldwide leader in digital world, ensuring customer satisfaction through innovative products and superior service. LG Electronics control 114 local subsidiaries worldwide, with roughly 82,000 executives and employees. The world’s first internet enabled washing machine, air conditioner and microwave oven was launched. The ACs come in a wide variety ranging from Window, split, floor standing to cassette, network solution & ducted ACs.

LG split Acs come in varied fifty models with different tonnage, features and prices to suit one’s needs. These Acs come with a unique Inverter V technology which enables faster and quieter cooling. These Acs are estimated to save energy upto 66%. The initial cost may seem high, but the advantage these units will give over time will be very pocket friendly. These units also have Plasmaster Ionizer which gives 99.9% sterilized air. The tonnage range is from 0.75T to 2T with 2-5 star rating. These systems offer powerful air throw, allergy reduction filters and responsive step controls that allow to direct the air as needed. Priced between Rs. 20K to 80K approximately, these Acs come with different price tags to suit one’s pocket. Some of the models also have an additional hot and cold feature also. LG Acs provide some unique functions like monsoon comfort, auto cleaning and skin care which are very intelligently designed to suit the Indian climate and population.

Features of LG Acs with Inverter V Technology

1) Powerful Cooling – Upto 1.7 times more with 4 way swing

i) Jet Cooling – The jet cool function provides instant relief in summers due to high speed cooling within minutes.

ii) Swing Mode – The LG model provides excellent directional cooling due its swing mode. The double vane provides both horizontal and vertical movement. These allows blowing air in six different channels horizontally and five different channels vertically. A total of almost 30 combinations can be reached allowing cooling in every direction.

iii) 30 feet Airflow – The Acs come with large fans, where one can feel the airflow from as far as 30 feet.

2) Energy Saving – Cutting electricity bills and upto 66% energy saving. The Energy Saver mode allows to reduce energy consumption while maintaining a temperature that is comfortable to the body.

3) Purified Air – provides upto 99.9% sterilized air.

4) Quiet Cooling – the noise level is just 19dB.

5) Filters – 

i) Plasmaster Cyclotron Filter – protects from harmful objects like micro dust, pet fur and odor and also eliminates germs thus shielding the user from any kind of allergies.
ii) Virus & Allergy Filter – This allergy filter has ‘Subtilisin A’ enzyme which destroys house mites and allergen.
iii) Triple Filter – provides filtration of common odor, formaldehyde and VOC.
iv) Anti-bacteria Filter

Different LG Air Conditioner Models

1) Inverter V

i) Hot & Cold

  • AS-W246C2U1
  • AS-W186C2U1
  • AS-W126B1U1

ii) Cooling Only

  • BS-Q126B8R4
  • BS-QI86C8R2
  • BS-Q246C8R2
  • BS-Q126B4A2
  • BS-Q186C4A1
  • BS-Q246C7M1
2) L-Energia
i) Energia Silver
  • LSA3ES5Z
  • LSA5ES5Z
ii) Energia Wine
  • LSA3EW5Z/3Z
  • LSA5EW5Z/3Z/3Z1
  • LSA6EW3Z
3) L-Zyya
  • LSA3ZR2M/3M1/5M
  • LSA5ZR2M/3M/5M
  • LSA6ZR2M/3M
4) L-Maxima
  • LSA3MR2M/3M1/5M
  • LSA5MR2M/3M/5M
  • LSA6MR2M/3M
5) L-Aura
  • LSA3AR2M/3M1/5M
  • LSA5AR2M/3M/5M
  • LSA6AR2M
6) L-Nova
  • LSA3NR3F1/5F
  • LSA5NR3F/5F
  • LS6NR3F
7) L-Ultra
  • LSA2UR2F
  • LSA3UR2F
  • LSA5UR2F
  • LSA6UR2F
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The government has allowed power companies to raise electricity prices to match the increase in cost of imported coal. Experts said Friday’s decision by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs would raise power tariff by up to 20 paise, but it would help the sector fully utilise idling capacity and repay loans to banks.
Ending a year-long drama surrounding supply of coal to power plants, the Union cabinet today approved a proposal to allow power companies to pass on the higher cost of imported coal used to bridge the domestic fuel shortage. Though the decision would need regulatory approvals, the electricity prices in the country are set to rise by an average of 20-25 paise a unit.

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