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Top Solar Products that can reduce your Bills this summer

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Top Solar Products

Solar Energy is the fastest and the most effective form of renewable energy used today. Energy from the sun is used and applied in various forms to be used as different products in an efficient and eco-friendly manner. There are numerous advantages of using Solar Power. Solar Energy Potential is almost infinite, with declining costs & no fuel and maintenance charges. It is environment friendly, does not lead to significant GHG emissions,does not lead to health hazards like thermal power. There is no danger of pollution and deaths. When the electricity bills are rocketing sky high, solar energy applications can be used readily to reduce the pain. Today many form of appliances and products that are based on solar energy are present in the market that are a pleasure to our pockets. Listed below are some of the solar products that come handy in cutting down the electricity expenses:

1) Solar Lights/ Lamps/ Lanterns – include solar lights, lamps, street lights, garden lights etc. Solar lamps are charged during the daylight hours from the sun and discharge during night time when they are turned on. The Solar Lamps may work for 5-10 hours a day depending on the LED Light capacity, size of the battery etc. Solar lamps are encouraged greatly by the state government in the form of subsidies and free distribution. In India also MNRE has brought various schemes such as distributing free solar lamps to girls, subsidies on solar lamps in the form of capital subsidies etc.  Solar Lights are an easy way to cut electricity bills and also offer an alternative to the ill effects of kerosene lights in villages.

2) Solar water Heaters – Solar Water Heaters are one of the most successful solar products which have managed to proliferate without government subsidies. The payback period for solar heaters is quite short and it substitutes the need for electricity needed to run power guzzling water heaters in residential and commercial establishments. The other reasons for the success of solar water heaters is that they are relatively easy to build and install making them quite popular. They are of two types – Flat Plate Collectors and Evacuated Tube Collectors. Solar Water Heaters is economical and cheap.

3) Solar Mobile Chargers – The introduction of mobile phones brought a major revolution in the industry. Mobile phones have become a modern day necessity. Be it a professional, a trader, a housewife or a student, everyone has one. Solar mobile chargers can be very useful in rural areas without electricity and can be used by people in cities to reduce their electricity costs.

4) Solar Acs – Solar Air Conditioner or Solar AC refers to an Air Conditioner where the energy for the air conditioning is derived from
solar energy. There are 3 types of Solar Air Conditioning namely passive solar AC, solar thermal and PV Solar Air conditioning. Solar Air Conditioners though a niche area are expected to grow strongly in the future in hot areas like India. 

Solar AC


5) Solar Cooler/ Fans – Solar Fans are powered by solar panels. The installation may be higher initially, but it is cheaper in the long run as it does not use power from the utility grid and provide savings up to 30% on costs.

6) Solar Refrigerator – Come in compact size, with DC compressor cooling system. Can be used as an alternative to the traditional Solar Cookerrefrigerators for residential and commercial purposes.

7) Solar Cookers –are one of the most useful solar products but the lack of knowledge has not led to its widespread adoption. It is
particularly useful in poor sunny countries like India where people are forced to burn high cost high polluting fuel for their cooking purposes. Solar Cookers only requires sunlight for operation and saves immensely on gas costs over its lifetime. Solar Cookers can cook multiple items at one go and  produces food which is healthy and not infested with any coal or gas residues.

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