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5 Ways to Make Your Commute to Work More Eco-Friendly

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Commute in an Eco-friendly Way

The commute to and from work can add up quickly in gas expenses. According to Project America, the average passenger car gets roughly 22.4 miles per gallon while the average SUV gets roughly 18 miles per gallon. Despite efforts to improve gas mileage in consumer vehicles with hybrid cars, the average gas mileage is still much higher than officials and most drivers would prefer. Fortunately, it is possible to make your work commute more environmentally friendly by using a few basic tricks.

1. Drive More Efficiently

You do not need to purchase or use a hybrid car to get great mileage on your vehicle. By taking steps to drive efficiently and reduce the number of times you use the brakes, you can get your car to improve overall mileage.

According to, hypermiling can make the average motor vehicle reach mileage marks as high as 59 miles per gallon. A great hypermiling driver in a hybrid can push the vehicle to 100 miles per gallon or more, which cuts back on energy expenditures and reduces the gas cost for drivers.

Drive at a slower speed than the posted speed limit and remove your foot from the brake as much as possible. While you might not be able to control traffic, red lights or similar situations, you can drive slower and turn off your engine when it is possible to coast to a stop. Drive consciously and you will see positive benefits on the mileage you are getting.

2. Bike or Walk to Work

Biking and walking are great ways to cut back on your gas expenses and improve your energy efficiency. According to Chris Balish from Mother Earth News, owning a car can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. You are not only paying for gas expenses, but you are paying for the cost of leasing or purchasing the vehicle as well. Since you are likely to buy more than one vehicle in your lifetime, the expense can add up quickly.

3. Make Use of Public Transportation

If public transportation is readily available in your local area, then use it as much as possible. According to, New York City and Washington D.C. are leading the major cities in public transportation usage. In urban locations it is more environmentally friendly to make use of the public transportation system.

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4. Buy a Hybrid

When you are ready to purchase a new vehicle for your family, buy a hybrid car. Hybrid vehicles get a much higher gas mileage per hour, even if you cannot apply hypermiling driving strategies due to stop-and-go traffic or similar situations.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, hybrid vehicles that qualify for the energy efficient program in the state have roughly 45 percent or more fuel efficiency when city and highway miles are combined. Car dealerships in AZ have sold more than 10,000 hybrid vehicles that qualify for the energy efficient program in the state, which shows the commitment of Arizona drivers to reduce emissions and improve the environment.

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 5. Use Car Sharing

Car sharing is another way to cut back on energy emissions. Instead of renting a vehicle when you are traveling, look for a car sharing or ride sharing opportunity. Smartphone applications include many ride sharing options that can save you money, provide transportation and improve carpooling when others are traveling in the same direction. According to The Atlantic, there are several car sharing and ride sharing applications and programs available, so you should be able to compare prices and find transportation in most urban locations.

Environmental friendly ways of transportation is available if you are willing to look into the options in your area. Although you might not be able to apply every technique and strategy to cut back on emissions, you can use a few strategies to make your commute to and from work more fuel efficient.

This article is written by Frank Wood. Frank follows the latest tech trends in the smart car auto industry. He shares the latest in hybrid and alternative fuel cars with his readers.



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  1. andrasf0

    Car sharing seems to work very good for me. I usually save like ~40% of my expenses on gas. It is true that needs to be well coordinated between the passengers, but it worth the effort.