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Kyocera and Mizhou plan a Massive 200 MW Solar Energy Plant in Gujarat, India

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Gujarat has the most amount of solar energy plants installed in India due to a very supportive state government. The government has managed to boost solar capacity tremendously without breaking the bank. This has made other states realize the importance of solar energy and now several states like TN, Andhra Pradesh are looking to install gigawatts of solar capacity.

With India massively deficient in energy sources, solar energy is the obvious choice. However some dumb hacks like Fox News are shouting about the death of the solar industry. Japanese solar companies which used to be the leaders in solar manufacturing, have been beaten black and blue by the Chinese and Taiwanese solar players who have captured almost 75% of the world market. However, Japanese companies have not totally given up though some like Sumco have left the industry. Sharp has also retreated in solar energy to its home market given its desperate financial condition. However, Japanese banks are using their muscle to promote their compatriots like Kycoera, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and others.

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At its recent global industrial summit – Vibrant Gujarat, the massive banking group Mizhou signed a MOU to build a 200 MW solar power plant in Gujarat which could be scaled upto 2 GW. The plant will be supplied by Kycoera (Chinese solar panels are of equally good quality and much cheaper but Japanese buy Japanese, while US Exim bank only supports US solar companies). Gujarat is a power surplus state and its utilities have already met their RPO obligations, so the new power would have to be sold at wholesale electricity rates.

Gujarat Solar Energy

Gujarat however through its own state solar subsidy has made substantial progress. Gujarat has been the biggest promoter of Solar Energy in India amongst all the other states. The State has already implemented a clear and forward looking Renewable Energy Policy with emphasis on Solar Energy. It has signed PPAs with a number of solar project developers under its State Solar Subsidy Scheme. While other states are looking mainly towards the federal subsidy scheme JNNSM to push Solar Energy Generation, Gujarat is looking to push Solar Energy on its own. Gujarat is one of the most industrially advanced states in the country and has been pushing renewable energy strongly. The state is promoting solar power through both RPS and Feed in Tariffs beside promoting Solar Equipment Manufacturing as well. The Gujarat Government is far ahead of other states in rolling out incentives and subsidies for Green Energy. Some of the incentives include RPS, Solar PV & Solar Thermal incentives. Gujarat has managed to jumpstart the largest solar park in the country and managed to get investments in billions of dollars. The 1 MW solar power plant on the Narmada canal has been one of the most innovative uses of solar power in the country till now.

Narendra Modi’s success in Solar Energy being copied by Staunch Rivals. The true test of success of a strategy is when your rivals start copying it. Using this benchmark Narendra Modi has succeeded fabulously his solar energy policy promotion in Gujarat.

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Mizuho Financial Group Inc. (8411) will lead a group of Japanese companies to build a solar plant in Gujarat as India targets an eightfold expansion in sun-powered capacity. The facility will be able to generate as much as 200 megawatts and may cost as much as 30 billion yen ($325 million), Masako Shiono, a company spokeswoman, said today by telephone. Mizuho’s corporate lending unit signed a memorandum of understanding with Gujarat’s government in January, she said.


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