USA against liberalizing their Green Sectors The US government has been very vocal against developing countries trying to promote green industries, through preferential treatment given to domestic companies in subsidy schemes. In fact USA has filed a WTO complaint against India for the JNNSM central solar subsidy scheme, which mandates domestic content for solar panel installations […]

Can Desertec be revived by China The Desterec Initiative was launched with much fanfare by Europe’s large industrial and energy companies in mid 2000s. It has an ambitious program to supply large parts of Europe’s energy from deserts in Africa. It was proposed that giant solar thermal power plants built in the deserts of North […]

E-Waste in India Electronic waste recycling and disposal is one of the fastest growing green sectors in India, with a massive potential for growth. Entrepreneurs looking to enter this sector face a secular growing industry for a long time given the exponential rate of electronic waste in the country. Not only is India generating huge […]

No obligation to meet RPO & SPO Targets Renewable energy in India has been facing a lot of issues on different fronts. Despite Indian government’s National Action Plan for Climate Change, which mandates that 15% of India’s power should come from renewable sources by 2020, the lack of credible implementation is hurting the green energy […]

Solar Demand 2014 There is little dispute amongst analysts and research agencies that solar demand should grow in the high double digits in 2014, but the range of forecast varies quite significantly. Some market research agencies are predicting a demand of ~42 GW for 2014 which will be around 20% growth from 2013, while others […]

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