The world’s largest green company Siemens is taking drastic measures to cut costs at its Renewable Energy unit which saw orders fall below 40%. Note the cleantech industry is facing massive competitive pressure which has already seen some of the biggest green companies like Q-Cells go bankrupt and others like Vestas searching for buyers. The […]

Germany is the definite number one solar power country in the world. The latest numbers reveal that 28 GW of solar is connected to the grid – far more than any other country in the world. Italy, which is number two on the list, only have about half of Germany`s solar capacity, and the gap […]

9 Top Solar Stories Of the World: Morocco to build 160 MW solar thermal plant for a whopping $1 billion – would be better off with solar panels ? Hawaii goes for solar online permitting as flood of solar panel installations overwhelm staff Applied Material’s new cell and module technology improvements (HCT,Baccinni and Varian) UK […]

While Tamil Nadu has India’s largest share of renewable energy mostly due to its 40% share of the installed wind energy in India, Gujarat has rapidly expanded its wind and solar energy portfolio. Its solar subsidy scheme has been massively successful and now the state accounts for almost 60% of the total solar power capacity […]

All posts published on GWI for the Week Ending 23rd September, 2012: Eight Must Read Solar Stories – What we found Interesting The Solar Industry has become so big and globalized that we miss out on a lot of interesting stories and news. This post will hopefully fill in the missing gaps. Apple iPhone 5 […]

Solar Cities in India India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has come out with a scheme to promote the use of solar energy in India. Known as “Solar Cities’, 60 cities across India have been chosen to dramatically increase the use of solar power through solar panels, heaters and cookers so that 10% […]