Solar Rooftops India There are hardly any rooftop solar panels on homes in India due to lack of knowledge, government support and distribution. Solar Energy incentives in most of the developed solar markets in Europe have clearly shifted their preference to distributed small rooftop solar installations on residences. This is because it reduces the need for expensive […]

The story of princelings in China is quite well known with the sons and daughters of powerful members of the Chinese Communist Party ruling billion dollar business empires. The rule of law is not very strong in the countries and it takes a special kind of luck and connections to be decently wealthy in China. […]

Solar Power/ Subsidies Victoria, Australia Australian Solar Power  has seen a massive boom of rooftop solar power plants as various states in Australia have offered generous solar rebates. This has led to many state Governments cutting back sharply to reduce their subsidy burdens. But the collapse in solar panel prices has meant that even after […]

Renewable Energy India India has sharply increased its target for Renewable Energy in the next 5 years to 30 GW from the earlier 17 GW. Greenworldinvestor had predicted that the 17 GW was too low a target in order to meet India’s 15% target of energy generation from green power sources ( see below). Though […]

Job Cuts in the Esteemed Investment Banks The retrenchment in the Investment Banking Business seems to be never ending with a DB report predicting further job losses in the sector. Despite making a massive $240 billion in revenues last year, the industry has to shed more positions in order to become sustainably profitable. There is […]

Industry in India is facing hard times with growth rates having plummeted in 2012 due to various factors the biggest of which is bad and corrupt governance. While the federal government is mired in a never ending series of corruption scandals, many of the state governments have proven to be equally bad if not worse. […]