The Solar Inverter Industry The Solar Inverter Industry has remained relatively stable compared to the solar panel industry due to fewer number of players and higher barriers of entry. The top solar inverter companies are mostly European though Asian companies particularly from China are making aggressive expansion plans. The solar inverter industry is expected to […]

Mainstream Media Vs. New Age Media Mainstream Media particularly Newspapers are facing a structural decline, even as new age media like Blogs grows. The growth of the Internet which has made it possible for everyone to become a publisher at almost no cost, has made the living of mainstream media impossible. Many of them are […]

One of the crowning achievements (if you can call that) of the current Government in India was the pact with USA which removed India from the list of nuclear pariahs allowing it access to nuclear technology and materials. India already has a number of nuclear plants and reactors which generate around 3-4% of the country’s […]