Agriculture in India Recent Media reports have lauded the current Indian Government for increasing the rate of investment in the Agriculture sector and raising rural incomes through NREGA. However the real situation is very different as hundreds and millions remain malnourished and corruption flourished from the top to the bottom. The Government’s Agriculture Policy is […]

State Governments in India have been driving the growth of solar energy in India by giving subsidies and auctioning capacities at favorable electricity tariffs. Some states particularly Gujarat have achieved huge success beating the Indian federal subsidy mission JNNSM in terms of capacity built. However almost all of the solar farms built till date have […]

Japan Entering the Japanese market is notoriously hard for foreign companies as they run into major implicit and explicit barriers. Like the Chinese, the Japanese have made it an art to keep out foreign companies in order to boost their local manufacturers. The solar panel market is no different from other markets like electronics, mobile […]

Top global asset manager Grantham has been calling that the rising commodity prices is not a cyclical phenomenon but rather a major structural inflection point. Note GMO has been one of the most successful asset managers over the last two decades and their word cannot be taken lightly. Commodity prices from the past 200 year […]

State owned Indian companies have trodden over minority shareholder rights for a long time now. Ever since these companies were listed, minority shareholders have been getting the short end of the stick as these firms are run more by Government diktat and priorities, rather than being run with a profit motive. The big oil and […]

Nuclear Energy As the whole world is fixated on the debate about on using and not using nuclear power for energy generation, the anti-nuclear protestors have got a new powerful argument about nuclear energy being not economically feasible. General Electric which is among the world’s top 3 suppliers of nuclear energy equipment along with Toshiba […]