Chinese Economy China is one of the biggest mysteries for investors and economists with most data emanating from China rated suspect even by the Chinese leaders themselves. Therefore people are equally divided in saying that China will grow at the same double digit rates while others predict a massive crash. The more knowledgeable analysts like […]

All posts published on GWI for the Week Ending 26th August, 2012 Green Solar Panels and Cells for Homes, Buildings – What does it Mean? A recent technology to manufacture solar cells & panels by isolating chlorophyll, the plant protein that converts sunlight into energy and transforming them into electrons……. Benefits – very cheap, low […]

Indian Solar Panel Security India is going to install millions of solar panels as solar energy will remain the fastest growing energy source for India for the next decade. There are multiple opportunities where investors can benefit from the solar panel industry in India like in providing mounting solutions, installation services, monitoring services etc. However […]

The whole solar panel industry has been in a tailspin as the massive solar glut takes toll of the whole industry. The industry downturn which started in 2011 has not stopped as solar panel prices have crashed to new all time lows with European demand pull in ending and inventories building up. While many of […]

Emu Farming Ponzi Schemes have come out with innovative ideas right throughout the human history but a novel Ponzi scheme in India takes the cake for a totally out of the box idea. Emu Farming has seen a massive boom in the country with hundreds of Emu farms being set up around the country. Most […]

Global Green Battles The Global Green War had started with the US imposing duties on imports of Chinese made solar panels and cells. Subsequently dumping charges were also imposed on wind energy equipment made in China as well. China has not been able to do much against these duties as it exports almost 80-90% of […]