Corruption in Indian Telecom Industry India has been rocked by numerous new corruption scandals and scams in the recent past. One of the biggest was the 2G Telecom Scam in which top ministers and leaders of the ruling party were involved. The 2G Scam resulted in cancellation of licenses of a number of companies which […]

The biggest Chinese solar panel producers like Sunech, Trina ,Yingli and Canadian Solar have come out strongly against the recent filing of a complaint of dumping of Chinese solar panels in Europe. Solarworld which is the biggest German solar panel company has led a group of 25 European solar companies in filing a complaint against […]

Renewable Energy Corporation used to be the world’s largest supplier of polysilicon, to solar panel companies just 3-4 years ago. The company, which earned eye popping revenues and profits when polysilicon prices ruled at $400/kg, is now facing survival questions like many of its western peers. Q-Cells which used to be the largest solar cell […]

Indian Wind Industry India is the 5th largest wind energy market in the world and installed a record ~3000 MW last year. The growth of the Indian wind energy market has been mainly due to the Government policy of supporting green energy through accelerated depreciation. However, this subsidy has come to an end in 2012 […]

The International Monetary Fund along with the World Bank have received a lot of criticism in recent times because their policy prescriptions have had the opposite result in a lot of cases. Their worst mistakes came during the Asian Crisis in the late 1990s where their counter-cyclical policies resulted in a lot of suffering and […]

Rising Capitalism With capitalism of some sort being prevalent in almost all major countries in the world, other ideologies have taken a backseat. Markets have well and truly captured the whole world and has now intruded into almost all facets of human life. However the unbridled expansion where everything and everyone is up for sale […]