Introduction Indian states have been coming out with solar policies and tenders at a feverish pace in recent days thanks to falling solar panel prices and massive brownouts due to inadequate power capacity. Tamil Nadu announced a massive solar promotion policy targeting 3 GW in 3 years through a mix of ground and rooftop solar […]

Introduction to Consumer Goods Industry Consumer Goods industry is classified in two categories namely durable and non-durable. During the time of recession when the consumers were cutting on discretionary spending, companies were having more products on their portfolio which have more value proposition. These products were as a result of the continuous innovation, the companies […]

There are many sparsely populated areas where extension of grid connectivity is not rewarding. Renewable energy can be most cost-effective and advantageous for such areas. Renewable energy projects are sustainable and uncomplicated. Existing options like kerosene lanterns and diesel generators are expensive, difficult to disseminate in remote areas and pollute air. Renewable energy can play […]

1) SMA gets first big sales for its solar diesel hybrid equipment 2) Solar City gets a good IPO pop after drastically dropping its price , Will it sustainĀ  or go the A123 way 3) Sunways fires 40% of its workforce in solar cell operations 4) Mexico solar energy holds a lot of potential but […]

Power is one of the most widely used resources used in every sphere of life, business, etc. If we talk about the Indian economy, we find that the total Installed Capacity of Power is nearly 2 Lakh MW. Thermal generation accounts for almost 2/3rd (66%) of the production. India’s electricity generation for the fiscal year […]

The concept of solar parks was started in India by the Gujarat government where land, infrastructure and electricity transmission is established in one place making it easy for solar developers to set up megawatt scale solar energy plants. This has been copied by Rajasthan and now by Tamil Nadu as well. The 6% SPO for […]