1) Manz cuts jobs as solar equipment orders drop by 80% 2) Amorphous Silicon Panel US startup and AMAT Customer Signet Solar goes into Chapter 11 (What took it so long?) 3) Renesola is rapidaly winning marketshare and expanding into lateral solar markets despite losses (One Chinese solar company I definitely like) 4) Small poly […]

What are Biofuels The liquid fuels that can be obtained from biomass like plant matter or by the waste that living creatures produce, such as manure is known as Biofuels. The extensive range of organic materials used for biofuel production includes starch and sugary plants such as corn, wheat or sugar cane; oily plants such […]

US Solar Panel Manufacturers have been under siege from cheap Chinese solar panel imports leading to a closure of a number of solar module factories. Small and big solar companies have been facing difficulties and some like Solyndra, Abound Solar have sought protection in Chapter 11. Even established companies like Evergreen Solar have been forced […]

Solar Protectionism growing by the Day Solar Protectionism has been growing rapidly amongst major countries with global solar trade wars becoming a rage. Solar Companies not only have to overcome the vicious solar industry downturn with falling prices, revenues and margin, they have also got to successfully traverse dangerous geopolitical currents. Chinese solar companies are […]

India’s western state of Rajasthan which had won the lion’s share of solar panel projects under India’s central subsidy scheme has come out with a state solar subsidy scheme of its own. Note we had earlier stated that Rajasthan and Gujarat will lead India’s growth in solar power capacity. While Gujarat has leapfroggred far ahead […]

Agriculture Industry in India It is needless to say that the agriculture industry provides the principal means of livelihood for over 58.4% of India‚Äôs population. India was known to be the agrarian economy since its independence in 1947 and the sector currently contributes approximately one-sixth of total gross domestic product (GDP). Agriculture accounts for about […]