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Solar Power Generators become mainstream to compete against Gas Generators as Costs plunge

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Solar Power Generators

Solar Power Generators have become a mainstream product as plunging costs of solar panels has suddenly made them affordable for a vast majority of citizens. Hurricane Sandy brought into focus the shortcomings of our dependence on fossil fuel based transportation and heating systems. With no supplies of gasoline and natural gas to affected areas for days, it was impossible to get electricity where power lines were cut. People with emergency portable generators running on gasoline or gas were left stranded with these generators providing no help in this emergency.

However solar power generators which require no fuel were running constantly providing power to essential appliances like refrigerators, laptops, lights, cell phones and  air conditioning systems etc. While small portable solar phone chargers can power a laptop / cellphone etc. bigger solar power generators from Phono Solar and others can provide enough power to run the whole house. Solar panel powered generators not only have solar panels but also have charge controllers, storage systems (batteries), solar inverters and provide USB and AC switches to plug in your appliances.

Solar mobile phone and laptop chargers are becoming increasingly common these days with people who travel outdoors being the early adoption group. Even the military has increasingly started using solar generators and portable systems as they operate in areas without access to the power grid. The prices of these systems are under $100 with good quality and reliability.


A non-profit clean energy group, Solar One, has been deploying solar generators to areas most affected by Hurricane Sandy. The group currently has several generators running in the Rockaways, and made a recent delivery to Midland Beach on Staten Island. It’s also where the new solar generator will reside. Max Joel, with Solar One, hopes it will provide some small conveniences. “People will be able to charge cell phones, charge laptops … can run a small refrigerator, lighting,” he said. “For a lot of the things I’m seeing around the site here, it should serve pretty well.”

Advantages of using Solar Power Generators

i) No Fuel required

ii) No harmful emission of fumes and gases

iii) Can be safely be used indoors as well as outdoors

iv) Is clean and environment friendly

v) In emergencies when no fuel is available they are the only good option

vi) Can power AC, DC and USB devices

vii) Can be easily bought online

viii) Have become affordable as solar panel prices have gone down

ix) Mobility, as most solar energy generators come in carts

x) Can also charge from AC outlets

xi) Very little noise.

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