Wind Energy in India has recently seen a sharp dip in investment and gloominess amongst the wind energy companies. Top global wind turbine companies like Gamesa have cut jobs while Vestas is looking to pull out from India altogether. India’s biggest wind market Tamil Nadu which accounts for more than 50% of the total wind […]

Why use Solar LED Lights for Gardens Solar LED Lights for Gardens are a great natural fit as Outdooor Solar Lights with batteries complement their use in Gardens. Solar Lights are environment friendly, have no greenhouse gas emissions, require no dirty fuel. They serve the same purpose as gardens to reduce pollution and make the […]

Orient Green Power – Buying time? Orient Green Power which is one of the largest green focused utilities in India has shown a decent profit in the last quarter after an average performance since its IPO. Note Orient Green Power which mostly has capacities in wind energy and biomass had been facing issues with the […]

USA Solar Companies surviving the Downturn The Solar Industry has seen a massive shakedown with hundreds of bankruptcies and thousands of jobs lost. There has been no solar energy company which has been left unaffected by this brutal consolidation. Even the biggest solar panel manufacturers have seen huge losses and restructuring. The biggest solar companies […]

General Electric emerges as a Winner in the Indian Wind Market The Indian Wind Energy Market which is dominated by the top global wind turbine companies has seen General Electric winning marketshare as the others pull back. Note Vestas, Gamesa and Suzlon have been losing billions of dollars in the last few years as competition […]

Banking System in India Banks have always played a very important role in shaping our daily needs. They have always been playing an important role in our lives; after all it is a safe haven for all our hard earned money and savings. We feel secure with our money in the bank and entrust it […]