1. European solar wafer maker PY Crystalox thinks about shutting operation and returning cash to investors 2. Jinko Solar manages a 9.9% Gross Margin even as Tier 1 solar panel producers struggle for breakeven 3. GCL Poly wafer and polysilicon shipments fall off a cliff as customers stop orders 4. Stion tandem junction thin film […]

Solar Duties and its effect on Solar Panel Manufacturing The US recently imposed CVD and AD duties on imports of Chinese made solar cells on a complaint filed by a group of small US solar panel producers ironically led by a European solar panel company Solarworld. The duties on solar product imports was confirmed by […]

Consolidation is the new way for Solar Companies to Suvive Consolidation in the global solar industry continues at an accelerated pace with companies exiting the solar business (Sharp, Siemens), bankruptcies being announced (Q-Cells), takeovers by government (LDK) and private companies (GTAT buys Twin Creek). Now two of the largest Taiwanese solar companies have decided to […]

Solar Watches Solar Watches are one of the most sold and oldest solar products in use. Just like solar powered calculator, solar watches have been popularized by Japanese companies like Seiko, Casio and Citizen. Given their heritage, the best solar powered watches are manufactured by these Japanese companies. Most solar energy watches in the market […]

Steve Cohen who has a legendary reputation for delivering stellar returns consistently and for charging a huge percentage of returns as fees is again coming into insider trading focus. SEC is carrying out an investigation into a massive > $200 million insider trading case against an expert network doctor and C. R Intrinsic Advisors (affiliate […]

Solar Survival Tactic for Canadian Solar Solar panel companies have been badly bruised by the price war raging in the massively oversupplied solar module market today. Even the best in class companies like Trina Solar are showing almost breakeven gross margin and a large negative net margin. Despite costs falling rapidly by almost 40% year […]