Stagflation The Indian stock markets have been going up recently on some reluctant economic reforms done by the Government. Note most of these piecemeal changes have not changed the downward trajectory of India’s economic growth. These cosmetic changes were done to appease the foreign investors who were threatening to leave India en masse. The lethargic […]

Obama’s Anti-outsourcing Policy Barack Obama’s anti-outsourcing ads have helped him in being re-elected as US President. Over the past few months the US president has released waves of advertisements against his Republican rival, Mitt Romney. These have claimed “Romney outsourced call center jobs to India” and was a “pioneer in outsourcing”. President Barack Obama has said that […]

Nuclear Waste is become the biggest bottleneck for nuclear power these days with courts and activists raising this problem. Note while the biggest disadvantage of nuclear energy is the possibility of a major radioactive incident, nuclear waste is not a possibility but a fact. No country has a foolproof policy to dispose nuclear waste which […]

Solar Energy in South Africa Solar Energy in South Africa has really taken off with a raft of new deals signed between international solar project developers and the government. Note Solar Energy in SA will see a mix of all 3 technologies with solar panels, solar thermal and concentrating solar power plants being built. The […]

Solar Power Generators Hurricane Sandy which caused massive damage to the eastern coast of USA particularly New Jersey and New York bought home the importance of emergency electricity generators. As the power went out in large chunks for days, most of the electricity guzzling devices shut down. Even emergency equipment like medical devices went down […]

Franchise Business Franchise is something which is becoming the talk of the town in recent times. They are hot items these days. There are numerous franchise opportunities across the world. Like any normal thing there are things you gain and things you lose. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of starting a […]