Japan increases Solar Panel Efficiency Criteria to curtail foreign imports Asian countries like Japan and China routinely erect non explicit barriers to imports to protect their domestic firms. This is not isolated to solar panels but extends to other industries as well. The governments and the financial institutions exhibit a strong nationalistic streak to support […]

Tamil Nadu Solar Advantage over Wind? We had earlier highlighted in Greenworldinvestor that solar investors should take notice of Solar Energy in Tamil Nadu which has come out with a very ambitious solar energy policy. The clear rules and the mandatory provision for buying solar power has made it into a solar hotspot. Already many […]

What is a Partnership It is a type of business entity in which partners or the owners of the firm share the profits or losses of the business. It is often favored over corporations for taxation purposes. Partnership structure doesn’t incur a tax on profits before it is distributed to the partners which exist in […]

Gold as we all know is currently the most precious element in the world. Gold is very valuable metal now which is used in jewellery and for investment which was once used as primary mode of currency. Interesting Facts Gold Gold has many interesting facts and uses which is not known to many. Following are […]

Bad Times – Solar Equipment Industry To say that Solar Equipment Suppliers to solar panel makers like Trina, Yingli are going through bad times is an understatement. Like the other players in the solar supply chain, major solar capital equipment companies like Applied Materials, GT Advanced Technoloiges, Meyer Burger have seen their revenues and stock […]

Solar Boom in Romania Solar booms inspired by large solar subsidies are a regular feature in the solar industry. The story line is the same where clueless bureaucrats set high feed in tariff rates for solar energy which leads to a massive influx of solar developers and solar panel producer from China. This leads to […]