1. India’s state of Bihar plans to boost solar power plants on wastelands, Chief Minister of the state installs solar panels on his residence 2. Seeing success of Sunedison canal solar power project in Gujarat, India’s Damodar Valley Corporation plans 1000 MW canal project 3. China could impose duties on polysilicon imports soon 4. Chinese […]

Cash Reserve Ratio Of late we have been hearing about the ongoing debate in the Indian economy pertaining to CRR. One of the best suggestions recently came from the Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council, C. Rangarajan. Mr. Rangarajan suggested on phasing out the cash reserve ratio (CRR) requirements of banks and using […]

Indian Infrastructure Ship sinking Almost all of India’s major consturction and infrastructure companies have seen losses in the current quarter and expected to be in the red for the rest of the year. India’s infrastructure sector which was the darling of investors in the boom period has become almost an untouchable industry in the last […]

Is student Loan really the cause of next financial crisis The question might seem a little absurd, but it’s worth taking a look. It is reported that over $120 Billion in Federal Student Loans is in default and thus it can be the reason for the next financial crisis globally. One question that has always […]

Corporate Lending in India KKR &Co. needs no introduction of its own. Its known to all as the leading private-equity (PE) giant and is famous worldwide for its big ticket acquisitions. If we talk about the India economy, KKR &Co. has followed a different game plan altogether. They have lent more than $1 billion since […]

by Anandh Sundar Ganesh Ecosphere Ganesh Ecosphere formerly Ganesh Polytex Ltd.  is a 57600MT PSF fiber company, valued at just Rs 67 crores equity (with debt nearly Rs 100 crores, cash Rs 10crores, total enterprise value Rs 160 odd crores).  Reasonable dividend yield, low price to earnings ratio are good financial indicators, while sustainable eco-friendly […]