Given the government’s attention, solar power is expected to increase substantially in future. The Twelfth Five Year Plan targets to add 3800 MW of solar power. Accordingly, the fund requirement for solar projects in the plan is expected to be Rs 49,400 crore. The Thirteenth Plan targets an addition of 16,000 MW of solar power. […]

Global Labor Oversupply What has been missed out by economists worldwide is that capital is now heavily advantaged over labor which is leading to massive inequality around the world. The reason is that Labor both educated and unskilled has risen exponentially, with structural changes like the Internet and growing prosperity in large labor pools like […]

Strong Government Support to Chinese Solar Companies No big Chinese solar company has failed till now despite most of them losing almost all of their value and trading mostly as penny stocks. This is in sharp contrast to the failure of hundreds of Western solar companies. The reason is that the Chinese local governments are […]

Industries in Tamil Nadu are looking to invest in solar panel arrays for their factories and offices as the Government has made it mandatory for HT customers to buy/generate solar power for 3% of their requirements in 2013 which will go up to 6% by 2016. While some companies are complaining about the high cost […]

What is Wind Energy and its Importance Wind is simply air in motion. Winds are created by the sun’s uneven heating of the atmosphere in combination with the irregular surface of the earth and the earth’s rotation.Wind Power has become the biggest source of renewable energy in the world after Nuclear Energy (if you consider […]

What is Crude Oil Crude oil is a naturally occurring substance found in certain rock formations and below water bodies. Oil is a compound containing carbon and hydrogen and is highly flammable. Oil is one of the most important commodities in the world playing an important part in some of the biggest industries like chemicals, […]