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Grape Solar Panels Review of Buy Price, Quality, Efficiency, Warranty

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Grape Solar Panels

Updated on 20/4/2016

Grape Solar is an American company, incorporated in the States of Delaware, Oregon in 2009. The company is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Grape Solar sells a wide variety of solar panels mainly through the e-commerce channel for residential, commercial and utility segments. Besides Grape Solar Modules, the company also provides solar inverters and solar racking systems.

Why the name Grape Solar

Grape Solar was earlier known as Centron Solar, however, it was forced to change its name after a German solar company Centrosolar won a lawsuit over name infringement. Grape Solar then changed its name to that of a fruit inspired by the Apple success.

Grape Solar Management and the US-China Solar War

The management of Grape Solar has very close relationships with Chinese solar panel manufacturers. Ocean Yuan the CEO was in discussions with several unidentified Chinese manufacturers about expanding his operations to include assembly of the South Korea and Taiwan-made solar modules. Born in China, Yuan is a naturalized U.S. citizen educated in Eugene at the University of Oregon. He’s had experience running an electronics contract manufacturing plant in China, and led the U.S. business of Chinese solar manufacturer Solarfun, before launching Grape Solar in 2009.

Grape is a major importer of panels that are assembled into kits by the company’s 10-person staff in Eugene. The company then sells them directly to consumers through retail partnerships with major U.S. retailers Costco Corp., Home Depot and Inc.

Grape Solar sells directly to thousands of installers and consumers across North America in the USA and Canada. Grape Solar also sells through various well known, online channels and large warehouse retailers. The company provides opportunities to small to medium-sized solar installers – on demand, supply of solar modules.

Where are the PV solar modules Manufactured

Grape Solar outsources its manufacturing process. It uses contract manufacturing in which solar panels are made in over 30 different factories worldwide. However, the company reserves its rights to design the specifications and set the quality standards for its panels.

Are Grape Solar Panels Any Good

  • Unlike its competition, Grape Solar is a horizontally integrated company, meaning it is more flexible and scalable with clusters of manufacturers for all components that go into a solar panel
  • Grape Solar claims to be a pioneer in launching 280w panels – one of the largest solar panels with UL/CEC certifications in the USA in 2009. It was also the first to put Grid-Tied solar panels in front of consumers through a major big box retailer in the USA in 2010.
  • All the Grape Solar brand solar panels are UL and CEC certified.
  • Grape Solar has a blanket Grape Solar warranty and the original manufacturer warranty. The blanket Grape Solar warranty allows dealing with an American company in case any problems arise. If Grape Solar disappeared tomorrow the panels would still be covered by a strong warranty.

grape solar

Grape Solar GS-400-KIT 400-Watt Off-Grid Solar Panel Kit

Warranty of Grape Solar Panels

i) 10 years product materials and workmanship

ii) 10 years output power assurance: no less than 90% and 25 years output power assurance: no less than 80%

The warranties are insured and backed by their contract manufacturers.

Specifications of Grape Solar Panels

  • High-efficiency solar cells approximately 18%~20%
  • Quality silicon material is used for high module conversion efficiency
  • Positive power output tolerance from 0% to +3%
  • Mechanical strength of greater than 30~50 lbs/ft2 wind load and snow load
  • Easy installation
  • Advanced encapsulation material with multi layer sheet lamination to provide long-life and enhanced cell performance.

Types of Grape Solar Panels

Grape Solar has a variety of Solar Modules to offer. They can be categorized into Monocrystalline & Polycrystalline Solar Panels.

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