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Solar Watches for Men Reviews of the Best Brands (Seiko, Casio, Atomic, G-Shock, Citizen) and Are they Reliable

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Solar Watches

Solar Watches are one of the most sold and oldest solar products in use. Just like solar powered calculator, solar watches have been popularized by Japanese companies like Seiko, Casio and Citizen. Given their heritage, the best solar powered watches are manufactured by these Japanese companies. Most solar energy watches in the market are sold for men by Seiko and Citizen. They are mostly priced in the $50-100 range though you can also find solar watches priced below and above this range. While solar watches are meant for general use, they are some sport focused solar watches as well which are tough and durable. Note the advantage of solar powered watches is they do not require batteries which means that you don’t have to ever worry about solar watches shutting down because the batteries have drained.

Excellent gift options for Dads, sons, husbands and brothers.

Are Solar Watches Reliable?

We have come a long way from rudimentary solar watches which would power off due to not getting enough sunlight. These days solar watches from top brands have high efficiency solar panels to capture power and store in high capacity miniature batteries which means that these watches can run for days without being exposed to sunlight. Solar Watches have become very reliable these days and are environment friendly as well.

Top Solar Power Watch Companies

1) Seiko – Seiko is a top selling solar powered watch brand which sells almost a thousand solar powered watches for almost all market segments. Seiko watches are more formal solar powered watches than the rugged type solar watches made by Casio. They are mostly made Stainless steel case and scratch resistant mineral. Our choice is this black dial solar powered watch.


2) Casio – Casio the Japanese electronics giant has the most number of solar power watches in the market serving almost every kind of conceivable need. They make solar watches both for men and women. They come in analog and digital varieties and some are customized for sports and rugged use.

Atomic Solar Powered WatchCasio sells the Atomic range of solar watches which are highly popular and excellent watches. Casio G-Shock Atomic Tough Solar Watch is constructed with a durable stationary stainless steel. The built-in solar battery eliminates the nuisance of replacing batteries, and the radio-controlled function means users never have to reset the time.


3) Citizen – Citizen is one of the largest watch selling companies in the world. This is also a Japanese company which helped pioneer solar energy watches. Like the other Japanese companies mentioned above, Citizen also sells high quality solar powered watches. Citizen is known for its Eco-Drive range of solar watches. Like the other two brands, they are high quality reliable solar power watches.

Our choice is this Canvas Strap Watch.


Other Small Solar Power Watch Companies

There are other companies which make solar powered watches such as Atomix, Skagen and Timex. However these companies don’t have the expertise in making solar watches and you would want to avoid buying from these watch companies. The best solar watches can only be bought from Casio, Seiko and Citizen.


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  1. mark

    If thinking of getting a solar watch, be sure to stick to the big brands like Seiko or Citizen. Don’t waste time and money on cheap Chinese crap like the MSF solar radio controlled watch which is utter junk

  2. dennis

    the Casio website has a rather broad and vast array of solar watches for both dress and sport watch configurations that is truly amazing and diverse in selection and they all are affordable and look nice depending on what one likes and/or prefers; some of them say they can last up to eleven to thirteen months without sunlight; also some of them also have a LCD indicator showing state of charge of the charged up watch battery so that one can always keep it in a perpetual high state of charge at all times; a built-in watch battery monitor; so one never has to wonder if the watch battery itself in fact is actually dead or not!

  3. philip cashman


    I have just bought a solar watch made by shark
    for $62.00

    They give a 12 month warranty

    They really look fantastic they really do
    They are quite heavy

    I tried opening up the back to have a look
    but could not due to tolerances

    Have been able to open most watches but
    not this one which to my way of thinking its a well
    made watch


  4. Todd

    I bought a pretty expense (250.00) Seiko about one year ago and now the battery won’t hold a charge. It operates as long as it’s in direct sunlight but shuts down after you remove it. I’m not happy. My last Seiko was 10 years old with no issues. They should stick to batteries. I also can’t find anyone to replace the battery. Mailing it back is a pain but I guess I’m going to have to.