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Best Solar Lights for Garden Reviews – Outdoor Solar LED Lights with Batteries

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Why use Solar LED Lights for Gardens

Solar LED Lights for Gardens are a great natural fit as Outdooor Solar Lights with batteries complement their use in Gardens. Solar Lights are environment friendly, have no greenhouse gas emissions, require no dirty fuel. They serve the same purpose as gardens to reduce pollution and make the plant a more livable place. Solar Lights are also complementary because they charge up during the day in gardens which naturally get a lot of sunlight. In the night, they use the power stored in batteries to light up the garden. This is a great sustainable way of lighting up the gardens in the night. There are a large variety of solar LED lights which are available at very low costs for gardens. Here we review some of the best garden solar lights which can be bought easily online and as we said before these solar LED lights are cheap.

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1) Garden Creations LED Solar Outdoor Accent Light – Seems an awesome deal to buy a set of 8 LED Solar Lights for the garden. No maintenance and no power needed as they charge up during the day using solar energy and light up through LED lights in the night. The most awesome thing is the price which is less than $2 per light. Though the brightness is not very high the cost benefit is excellent. Must buy solar light.

2)  Moonrays LED Path Light, 10-Pack  – The set of 10 pathway lights come with plastic lenses that effectively diffuse the light from the warm-white LED bulbs inside (included). Topped with small solar panels, the lights’ AA NiCd batteries recharge during the daylight hours, then automatically turn the lights on at dusk, keeping them on through the .These lights give 120-degree wide-angle light coverage for extended visibility along a garden path. Coleman Cable and Woods Industries is the manufacturer of Moonrays’ extensive solar-powered product line .At less than $4 per solar garden light, you won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

3) Cornet Hanging Solar Garden Light – These hanging solar lights have both solar panels and batteries inbuilt. They can be hung from tree branches where they garner solar power in the day and automatically light up during the night. The cone shape of the lights is attractive and give a good radiance. 3 lights for under $50 is not a bad bargain.

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4) Ladybug Solar Lights (Set of 4 lights) – These solar ladybug lights can be used in and around shrubs, flowerbeds and other decorating areas. They have a solar panel with a battery which connects to the lights through a cable. They charge up during the day and give up to 8 hours of light during the night when they turn on automatically. At less than $8 per solar garden light these are also good value for money.

5) Moonrays Colour changing Solar LED Glass Ball Lights – These are my favorite solar garden lights mainly because they are available in different colors. They have a nice tough unbreakable glass ball at the top of a 30 inch tall stake and comes in a set of three. The LED lights change color in the night drawing power from a AA rechargeable battery, between yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, blue and red. The crackled glass casts a pretty, textured light against the wall of my garden. Ideal for lining walkways, driveways and garden paths.


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