NESL Changzhou NESL Solartech Co Ltd. was founded in 2006, with an initial registered capital of 50 million RMB. NESL  is a state owned Chinese company with its own R&D, design and manufacture facilities for solar energy products. NESL’s production capacity is 400MW annually, with over 1,100 employees worldwide. The company also has offices worldwide […]

The Chinese Solar Industry is facing multiple problems over the last couple of years. Problems of Chinese Solar Industry 1) Massive global oversupply as large number of small and big players entered the industry with low entry barriers 2) Plummeting solar panel prices have driven prices below cost forcing huge losses for solar panel companies […]

Solar Energy in India is not only being driven by the Central Government (mainly through JNNSM) but also by individual states. While Gujarat has been spectacularly successful with its solar policies installing almost 65% of the total solar energy capacity in the country, other states are trying to catch up. Karnataka, West Bengal, Orissa, Maharashtra, […]

Spanish Wind Turbine Producer Gamesa is drowning in red ink like other major wind energy equipment companies Vestas, Suzlon and Sinovel. The prospects of wind industry are not good with major overcapacity and saturated Chinese and western markets offering little hope of revival. Spain is having difficulties with its fiscal deficit and finding it hard […]

Updated on: 22/6/2016 Chaori Solar was the first company in China to undergo the first bond default and filed for bankruptcy in July 2014. GCL-New Energy bought a 30% stake in Chaori Solar and together with other investors have a 66% majority shareholding. Since then Chaori Solar has been supplying to GCL New Energy. GCL […]

Nuclear Energy in India has been facing massive protests with the new nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu, facing citizen opposition on a daily basis. The supporters of nuclear power in India have wrongly claimed that solar power takes up too much land and is not enough to supply the energy needs of India. Nuclear Energy […]