Japanese Solar Bubble Solar Energy in Japan is seeing a huge boom in solar installations as the generous subsidy announced by the Government sees the entry of newer players each day. The growth is driven by assured returns in excess of 30% which is attracting all sorts of investors from Japan where the interest rates […]

Indians Against Corruption Carson Block’s Muddy Waters has become famous for exposing the various scams and frauds amongst Chinese companies. The most famous expose was that of a multi-billion dollar company called Sino-Forest listed in Canada which counted blue chip investors like Paul Hankson amongst its investors. The exposure of deep corruption amongst the Chinese […]

Financial Repression What does Financial Repression Mean? Financial Repression means the process through which Governments and Financial Institutions repress savers from receiving a reasonable return on their saving by artificially lowering the deposit rates. Financial Repression takes mainly through: a) The Governments and the Central Banks artificially lowering the interest rate by setting a very […]

Simax Simax Solar is an integrated Chinese manufacturer which makes silicon ingots, solar wafer, cells, modules and solar PV systems. Simax is a relatively small company compared to the big Chinese solar companies like Trina, Yingli which have thousands of employees. Simax Solar has 200 employees. Simax Solar has also introduced their 250 watt high […]

Tatas & Birlas into SOLAR The Tatas and the Birlas are synonymous with industry in India being the oldest and biggest industrial groups. While the Tata Group is a single monolithic industrial group, the Birla group is divided into a number of different sub groups headed by different Birla family members. The Aditya Birla is […]

Best investment books of all time Investing is a tough business and you need a hell lot of experience and knowledge before you become a decent investor. Getting good investment information is very tough as there are literally thousands and thousands of books ,newsletters, journals and websites on investing. Plus there are tons and tons […]