Indian Retail Stores Go Solar Solar arrays are soon going to be seen on major retail chain rooftops in India as high electricity costs have forced retail chain owners to radically change their energy consumption and production strategy. Electricity has become the 3rd largest cost for retailers in India as the Government has imposed a […]

Big Chinese state owned companies are gobbling up financially strained Western solar firms as a massive overcapacity in global solar panel supply (caused by their brethren) drives them to bankruptcy. Note thin film startups like Ascent Solar, Heliovolt have already seen Asian companies taking a controlling equity stake. Now Chinese state owned companies which do […]

Renesola was established in 2005 and is a leading global photovoltaic manufacturer. The company has its own R&D team and advanced production equipment. Renesola is a vertically integrated company with complete R&D and manufacturing of polysilicon, silicon wafer and solar modules. Renesola has a global presence with sales branches established in Europe, the Americas and […]

The Solar Industry has become so big and globalized that we miss out on a lot of interesting stories and news. This post will hopefully fill in the missing gaps: 1. USA solar panel shipments were up 43% y/y in 2011 with 51% imported from China 2. A CPV Factory opens in the US despite […]