Greenworldinestor has been pointing out the rapidly deteriorating competitive position of Sharp in the solar panel market for the last couple of years. We have even pointed out that it was not worth buying a Sharp solar panel given the alternative. Now as predicted Sharp has bailed out of the solar market almost completely selling […]

We have been predicting a massive solar energy boom in Japan due to the generous solar feed in tariffs set by the Japanese Government in the wake of the Fukushima Nuclear accident. Note Japan generates very little electricity from renewable sources of power like wind and solar energy. However that is changing with a large […]

Solar Power vs. Electricity in Australia Australia has one of the highest penetration of residential solar systems in the world, thanks to generous subsides given by the state and the federal Governments. Unlike other parts of the world where solar installations have started with large solar farms; residential rooftop installations have powered Solar Energy in […]

While Energy Storage using Lithium Batteries and other innovative concepts like Flywheels frequently make news, the largest sources of Energy Storage like Lead Acid batteries and Pumped Hydro Storage hardly get attention. This is despite Hydro Storage accounting for hundreds of giga watt hours of storage capacity around the world. There is 90 GW of […]

This post will try to cover all the hustle and bustle in the Global Solar Industry: 1) $50 monthly charge for solar home owners in Louisiana angers the local Renewable Industry 2) Bankrupt Abound Solar now under investigation for possible fraud 3) First Solar Stock falls on news of faulty Junction Boxes 4) Business Insider […]

US based thin film solar panel manufacturer First Solar has captured the lead marketshare in India’s solar panel market. This is quite surprising since First Solar’s competitive position is being eroded globally by Chinese crystalline solar panels which are cheaper and of higher efficiency. In fact First Solar has mostly stopped selling solar panels because […]