1) Solar Inverter Prices falling by 5% each quarter ,50% demand to be driven by Asia 2) Aesthetics of Large Solar Farms causes issues in US Towns 3) Saudis want to go from 3 MW to 42000 MW, utility wants 10% electricity from Renewable Power 4) CPV company Soitec finishes seven power plants in Italy […]

Economics/Geopolitics China reacts meekly to US Solar Panel Anti Dumping Duties Defense Secretary warns of massive cyberattack,calls for Congress to pass stalled bill Jobless Claims fall sharply following Unemployment Rate – Real or Manipulation China lets controlled yuan rise as Presidential Elections near IMF sounds alarm on global economy Chinese microbloggers bring down another corrupt […]

Revised US Duties The US Government has got a complicated way of imposing duties on imported products considered to be receiving unfair subsidies and/or being dumped in US markets. The US Department of Commerce gave its final ruling on imports of Chinese made solar cells on 10th Oct, 2012 after announcing  a preliminary ruling early […]

The Indian Stock Market saw a Fat Finger trade which caused a massive 15% flash crash in India’s bench market stock index Nifty for a few minutes before the markets recovered. In an incident very similar to that caused by Knight Capital, a trader at Indian broker Emkay Global endangered the very existence of his […]

China China has been hurting tremendously from a global slowdown with its powerful export industries choking under the weak demand. While we had predicted that China would slowdown, the signs are now becoming increasingly apparent around the globe. China is one of the biggest mysteries for investors and economists with most data emanating from China […]

Polysilicon Polysilicon Companies have seen an amazing amount of profits in the period between 2008-2011 end as prices of polysilicon shot up to $400/kg which resulted in profit margins of greater than 90% which is superlative for what is an essentially a commodity. Polysilicon capacity has almost grown by 10x in the last 5-6 years […]