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Investing in Solar Panels for Home – 6 Things to Know Before Making the Move

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Solar panels are an innovative product and through advances in technology, they have now been made affordable for modern day consumers. If you are thinking about investing in solar panels for your home, your mind is definitely in the right place. “Green” products are the future of the world and making smart investments now will provide financial security for you and your family in the future. Renewable energy sources are an excellent way to generate electricity without harming our environment. Environmentalists say that oil usage and natural gas is harming our ecosystem and will almost certainly result in problems for future generations of human beings. Changing our perspective now is a move in the right direction and solar panels allow homeowners to make their first step.

1 – Complete solar panels can be expensive but solar cells are inexpensive

When you compare the cost of fully made solar panels to the costs of solar cells (which is the main product you need to build a solar panel yourself) the difference in price is substantial. Solar cells are relatively inexpensive and if you are interested in a new home project, they can be a fun experience. Building your own solar panels is definitely not for everyone but it offers a great way to save money. Aside from the solar cells, the only other materials that you need to complete the panel are for the frame that the cells sit within. If you are a handyman, it’s a fairly simple project that could save you thousands of dollars.

2 – Installation costs can be more than expected

Homeowners often undervalue how much installation will cost for their solar panels. If you would like to mount solar panels on your roof, on a rack near your home, or on top of a carport, the cost to do so may surprise you. Installation will typically be a several thousand dollar project and if you haven’t prepared your budget to accommodate for this, it may be a deal breaker. Be sure to contact local solar panel installation companies and find out what their expected costs are. It’s also a good idea to comparison shop in attempt to find a low-cost service provider.

3 – Know your energy usage and the effectiveness of your panels

Not all solar panels provide the same output as others. It’s important to know how much energy your home uses and know what the expected power of your solar panels is. Be sure to purchase enough panels so that your home is provided with an adequate amount of electricity. The amount of solar panels needed to power an entire home is an alarmingly high number. If you can’t completely eliminate your electricity bill, you can at least aim to substantially reduce it. Additionally, if solar panels are not providing the savings that you were expecting, you can invest in other types of renewable energy which can be used simultaneously with your panels.

4 – Solar panels perform their best when combined with other renewable energy sources

The sun is only prominent throughout certain hours of the day. During the sun’s downtime, you need an alternative renewable energy source. Wind turbines are an option that you may want to consider. By combining solar panels with another type of renewable energy like wind turbines, you can produce substantially more electricity for your home. Similar to solar panels, wind turbines are dropping in price quickly and they are now more affordable than ever. Even a small wind turbine can produce more electricity than several solar panels. If you’d like to reduce your electricity bill as much as possible, combining multiple renewable energy sources is a smart idea.

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5 – Solar panels can be hooked up directly to the grid or to 12V batteries

Before you make the move to invest in solar panels, you should familiarize yourself with the equipment requirements to run this type of setup. Grid tie inverters are products that allow you to directly connect your solar panels to the grid, which will provide electricity to your home and reduce costs. Many homeowners choose to run a battery bank of 12V batteries. This allows you to store the power within the batteries so that it can be distributed as you choose. This provides you with options so that you can use a grid tie inverter or get off the grid completely.

6 – Strategically place the solar panels for optimal performance

Solar panels perform their best when they are placed in an environment where there is direct exposure to the sun. As you know, the sun changes position throughout the day. A location that is exposed to the sun in the morning may not have any exposure in the afternoon, which is when the sun is most prominent. Be sure to place your solar panels somewhere that will be effective at all times. You may even want to purchase a rotating frame that will follow the sun throughout the day.

This article is written by Noely Finlay who works for a roofing contractor in Virginia.



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