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Best investment books of all time – My List of 13 Great Reads

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Best investment books of all time

Investing is a tough business and you need a hell lot of experience and knowledge before you become a decent investor. Getting good investment information is very tough as there are literally thousands and thousands of books ,newsletters, journals and websites on investing. Plus there are tons and tons of categories with some of the famous ones being

  • Value investing
  • Technical Analysis
  • Quantitative Investing
  • Growth Investing
  • Financial Screening
  • Contrarian Investing
  • Options Investing

You have to go through hundreds of books before finding a good investment read. I have made a list of my favorite investment books which I think were the best ones. However reading is just one part of being a good investor. It requires a lot of experience and hands on investing before you will ever make money on a consistent basis. Also different markets require you to learn most of the skills again as investing in the equity markets is very different from investing in the commodities market or the foreign exchange market.

Note there are many other great investment books out there which I have not read and mentioned here . Please feel free to comment and give your suggestions about what to add here.


Abhishek Shah

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