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Conergy Solar Panels Review

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Conergy was founded in 1998. It offers all components for solar installation, solar power plants and related services. Conergy has 38 branch offices in 15 countries and a customer base in over 40 countries. The company has 14 years of experience in the solar field, employs more than 1300 people. Conergy is listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange. Conergy manufactures its own components at three different global sites. In Frankfurt Germany, the manufacturing plant produces Conergy solar modules. In Rangsdorf, near Berlin, and Sacramento, California, the company produces Conergy mounting systems.

Conergy solar modules are manufactured to the strict criteria of Conergy quality management and are available in various sizes. All solar modules bearing the Conergy name are manufactured to the highest quality standards, with quality components that create durable and higher yield modules. The product portfolio includes modules, inverters and mounting systems. Conergy offers solar modules for every type of installation – residential, commercial and utility scale projects.


1) Conergy Brand Solar Photovoltaic Panels – Conergy offers PH and PM series photovoltaic panels. the Conergy PH and PM photovoltaic panels are suited for a wide variety of applications. They are suited for residential to utility range.  Conergy provides an objective 90%/10-year – 80%/25-year output warranty on its Conergy PH and PM photovoltaic panels.

2) Premium Distributed Solar Modules – Conergy offers Sharp’s 235 and 240 Watt series of PV panels. Conergy is also a distributor of Hyundai modules and Panasonic HIT A and Double series PV panels.

3) High Efficiency Solar Modules – The high efficiency PV panels that Conergy offers are specifically designed for installations with space constraints.

4) Black-on-black Solar Modules – The black solar modules are specially designed to be visually appealing while maintaining a high energy yield. The black design offers elegant, sleek styling that seamlessly blends into the roof profile. Conergy offers the following solar modules with a variety of black options

  • Conergy PH Mono with black back sheet, frame and cells
  • Panasonic PV Panels with black frame and cells
  • Sharp USA PV Panels with black frame and cells
  • Hyundai MG series PV Panels with black frame and cells

Specifications Of Conergy Solar Panels

  • Triple busbar cell technology
  • High efficiency under low light conditions
  • High level of performance, with up to 250 Wp rated capacity
  • Positive performance tolerance up to 3%
  • Linear performance guarantee for 25 years
  • Easy to instal

Types of Conergy Solar Panels

1) Conergy PowerPlus modules

  • 60 Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline cells
  • High stability in snow, wind and hail, with a module load of up to 6,000 Pa
  • 10 years standard product warranty – with an additional 2 years free upgrade to our Premium Plus 12 years warranty when the Power Plus modules are registered online
  • Residential & commercial – Recommended for solar systems of any size and in any environment with optional portrait and landscape installation.

2) Conergy MC Series

  • 48 cells
  • High stability in snow, wind and hail, with a module load of up to 6,000 Pa
  • Residential & Commercial

3) Conergy P Series

  • 72 efficient polycrystalline or monocrystalline cells
  • High stability in snow, wind and hail, with a module load of up to 6,000 Pa
  • 5-year product warranties on PM modules and 10 year product warranties on PH modules
  • Residential & commercial


Conergy has been producing solar mounting structures since 1993. Conergy has installed mounts in about 27 countries, with more than 1.5 Gigawatt of solar power installations. Conergy’s SunTop solar panel mounting is the most popular. Products are easy and quick to install. Conergy offers mounting system for various needs & specifications. Types of Conergy Solar Mounting System:

i) Pitched Roof Solar Mounting System

ii) Flat Roof Solar Mounting Solutions

iii) Free Field Solar Mounting System

iv) SunTop Quick Configurator


Conergy Inverters can be widely used from residential to utility purpose and from grid-tie to off-grid. Conergy offers a variety of quality PV inverters.

i) PV Micro Inverters

ii) PV String Inverters

iii) PV Central Inverter for large projects

iv) Battery based and off-grid PV inverters.

The Conergy Story Today

In the nineties, Conergy as a systems integrator bought all of its components from third parties and installed them on private and commercial roofs, as well as in large solar parks. At the turn of the century, Conergy developed into one of the largest solar trading houses. During those days all modules, inverters and mounting systems of almost every major solar brand went through Conergy. Later on these experiences were incorporated in their own manufacturing and based on that, modules, inverters and mounting systems were developed.

Conergy which used to be the world’s biggest solar EPC company has already gone through a torrid phase in which the parent arm has gone through court proceedings of bankruptcy. That company will now build a 50 MW power plant in Cholistan. Conergy was one of the largest solar installers and developers in the world but the 2008 crisis threw the company into problems. It built a 250 MW solar panel factory in Germany however that is closed now because of the high cost structure. The company has subsidiaries in various parts of the world but faces problems of survival. LG was going to buy the company but has canceled it.

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