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AUO Solar Panels Review

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AU Optronics

AU Optronics is one of the world’s leading LCD panel manufacturers with most of its manufacturing facilities located in Taiwan. AUO has a JV with SunPower to build 1.4 gigawatt third solar cell fabrication facility  in Malaysia. SunPower and AUO will equally own the JV and contribute equal capital funding. This plant will use Sunpower’s technology to build the highest available commercial solar cells. AUO is also building cell and module plants in Taiwan as well. It recently claimed the world’s most efficient solar panel with 19.5% efficiency. AUO has also bought M.Setek a large producer of polysilicon and wafer making it a vertically integrated player in a short time. AUO recently displayed the world’s most efficient solar module. The company also released a solar powered notebook.

BenQ Solar

BenQ Solar, is a division of AU Optronics. It a whole new solar brand. BenQ Solar was launched by AUO in 2012. AU Optronics manufactures and markets its PV products globally by using BenQ Solar as product brand name. BenQ Solar has an international presence with solar factories and offices spanning Europe, the U.S. and Asia. BenQ Solar products have high efficiency solar modules with UL certification and Solar Reliability. BenQ Solar products are also CGC, TUV, UL, IEC certified. BenQ Solar provides the best performance in solar energy with its vertically integrated solar supply chain. It strives to reduce the carbon footprint.

Features of AUO BenQ solar modules:

i) 3 Busbar Design – enables current transmission and module reliability ii) Durability – The solar panels undergo advanced loading tests to meet loading requirements iii) Performance – Efficient performance under low lighting conditions such as dawn, dusk, and cloudy days. The modules have an anti-reflection technology which improves efficiency and light trapping capacity. iv) Good Quality – BenQ Solar uses high efficiency solar cells & components. All BenQ Solar PV products are manufactured under BenQ Solar’s strict quality control standards. v) Warranty–  10 year warranty for material and workmanship with a guaranteed output of 90% for 10 years and 80% for 25 years.

Types Of Solar Panels:

The BenQ Solar product series is comprised of rooftop-mounted and ground-mounted systems. These are lightweight by design and are easy to carry and instal. Rooftop-mounted systems include both residential and commercial systems. Ground-mounted systems are directed at large-scale commercial power generation operations as in power plants. 1) Rooftop

  • Residential – BenQ Solar’s residential solar module is a small-scale generator that directly converts solar energy into electricity for homes. It is very eco-friendly and does not produce waste exhausts, pollution, or noise. BenQ Solar Rooftop Solar Systems supply AC output where, in contrast with DC output systems, each solar panel can be installed and operated individually. Therefore, the amount and orientation of the solar panels can be customized based on the area and the exterior design of the rooftop. The rooftop-mounted solar panels are classified into four levels, including 1-9kW, 10-99kW, 100-499kW, and 500kW.
  • Commercial – Commercial solar systems are well suited for industrial facilities, schools, hospitals, business and other commercial organizations. These systems reduce electricity bills and CO2 emissions, to save money and the environment. BenQ Solar offers a variety of products for different levels of performance, budgets, size requirements, and specifications to meet the customer’s needs.

2) Ground Mounted – Ground-mounted solar systems are well suited   to buildings with flat roofs or to be installed at the ground level. The installation height is below 150cm. BenQ Solar also provides energy saving solutions to reduce electric bills. 3) AC Unisonis a combination of its premium PV module with reliable microinverter technology to maximize benefits for installers and end users. It is the industry’s first AC module system (UL 1741 compliant). The integrated microinverter converts module DC to grid compliant AC at each module. This increases system performance by up to 25%, reduces shading losses, and makes PV safer to install. BenQ Solar AC Unison comes with a 25 years of reliability. The long-term warranty covers both the inverter and the module. BenQ Solar AC Unison can be installed, monitored, and maintained with ease.

Different Models of BenQ Solar Modules

The BenQ Modules are available in a series of models. Given below are the model numbers fro both PV & AC modules:

i) PV Modules – PM200M00, PM220P00, PM240P00, PM250M00, PM318B00, PM245P00, PM300P00

ii) AC Modules – PM250MA0, PM240PA0.

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