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Why the recent Assam Violence is only a Trailer to a much Longer Horror Movie, as unchecked Illegal Bangladeshi Migration leads to Demographic Dislocation of Indigenous Indian Communities

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Illegal Migration of Bangladeshi Citizens to India

Huge illegal migration into India by millions of Bangladesh citizens every year is a fact which almost everybody in India knows but the Government has failed to act and recognize it. The principal opposition party BJP had made it an issue in the last elections but failing to get much traction, it put this election issue into cold storage. But the huge influx of impoverished Bangladeshi into porous borders of adjoining Indian states like West Bengal and Assam continues unabated.

The politicians in these states have exploited this opportunity allowing this illegal influx as they gain a pliable, vulnerable vote-bank. These immigrants after entering east India have moved into India’s furthest regions particularly in boom cities of Mumbai and New Delhi.

The problem has reached a tipping point with large population of these Muslim migrants clashing with the indigenous population. In Assam, vicious clashes and a human exodus has resulted from a conflict with the Bodo tribals and Bangladeshi Muslim communities. The State Government has failed to grasp the problem with the CM calling it a trivial issue despite almost 50 people getting killed and hundreds of thousands fleeing the affected areas. The Indian PM who is ironically a legislator from Assam too has as usual failed to do anything. The Indian federal government is clueless on what to do and how to stop this illegal influx. The root cause of the problem has also not come up in mainstream media at all. The Indian Government needs to seriously examine how to stop this entry of illegal migration as it is leading to demographic problems in the neighbouring states. Unless it wakes up and does something, this recent violence may only be a trailer to a much more violent horror movie.


 Under extreme pressure, Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said today that there was fear and terror among the two communities that have been involved in ethnic clashes in the state over the last week. The focus now is on Tarun Gogoi’s handling of the huge humanitarian crisis in Assam. It took the CM a full week after ethnic clashes began in his state to reach Kokrajhar, the epicentre of the violence. There he had said yesterday, “Assam is not burning.” He has been universally slammed for what is being called his inept handling of a sensitive situation.


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