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SCHUCO Solar Panel Review

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About the Company

Schuco is a leading developer of comprehensive systems for solar power and solar heating. It is the market leader for innovative & energy-efficient facade solutions for the whole building envelope. The company is a leading designer and manufacturer of photovoltaic modules (Solar PV) and solar thermal collectors. The company headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany was founded in 1951 & today operates with 5,000 employees and 12,000 partner companies in 78 countries.

Schuco supplies photovoltaic systems and individual components for a variety of uses – for family homes or large commercial installations. The Schuco complete range allows installation of conventional grid-connected systems, grid-connected backup systems and self-sufficient systems. Schuco is one of the leading providers of photovoltaics (PV) in Europe. It is facing hard times because of price competition from chinese solar panels.

 The product range consists of:

  • Photovoltaic Systems consisting of Thin Film Modules, PV modules, Inverters, & Mounting Systems.
  • Solar Thermal Systems consisting of solar Thermal collectors, solar tanks, solar thermal package, mounting systems & accessories.

Schuco Panel Review

Schuco MPE BL 01 Series – come under the Thin film module category. They are characterized by their impressive performance and their high fabrication quality The company’s cell technology allows for optimum power output at high operating temperatures, with diffuse light or non-optimum module orientation. Each module comes with an extended 10-year product warranty. Schuco guarantees that these PV modules will deliver at least 90% of their rated output over a 12 year period and 80% over a 25 year period under standard test conditions.

PV Modules – The Schuco portfolio offers a wide range of different cell technologies from innovative thin film to high efficiency crystalline modules. The PV modules feature only positive tolerances for performance and output guarantees. The products come with a 10 year workmanship and 25 year performance warranty.

i) Schuco MPE modules in the PS 08 series – are distinguished by polycrystalline solar cells with high cell efficiencies for the highest possible outputs per square meter of module area as indicated by the optimum output tolerance of 0%/+5%. The PS 08 modules are available from 225 – 245 Watt. The PV cells are meticulously manufactured resulting in highly efficient, long-life cells. The frames are constructed of aluminum alloy for maximum endurance in adverse weather conditions & come with a double oxidation coating for added protection, ensuring longevity. This product comes with an Extended product warranty of 10 years & Output warranty of 90% performance for 12 years & 80% performance for 25 years.

ii) Schuco MPE modules in the MS 08 series – are manufactured with high quality materials. Its high power density maximizes module performance with outputs up to 260 Watts. The monocrystalline cell technology delivers unquestionably high performance and reliable longevity. It comes with a comprehensive warranty. Schuco’s racking systems are specially designed to accommodate Schuco modules, resulting in optimized PV package solutions. It offers an all black appearance with superior aesthetics to compliment any roof. This product comes with an Extended product warranty of 10 years & Output warranty of 90% performance for 12 years & 80% performance for 25 years.

iii) Schuco MPE modules in the PS 03 series – feature some of the most efficient polycrystalline cells in the Schuco portfolio.  Their rugged design and outstanding performance make them the ideal solution for all commercial and residential installations. These domestically produced modules meet the “Buy Amercian” provision of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). This product comes with an Extended product warranty of 10 years & Output warranty of 90% performance for 12 years & 80% performance for 25 years. The Fire rating is Class C.

Schuco Solar Panels Comparison

You can see the Solar Panel Review on other major brands of solar panels below. You can also see a review of the German solar panel manufacturers.

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Other German Solar Panel Manufacturers

1) CentroSolar – is a listed photovoltaic company on the DAX which makes  mounting systems and solar panels. Centrosolar sells PV Systems and Solar Panels under the Solara Brand Name. The company makes PV-systems, modules made of crystalline cells and thin film technology, building-integrated PV-installations, inverters, roof-mounted and roof-integrated mounting systems as well as low-iron solar glass with an anti-reflective coating. CentroSolar has its own PV-module production facility in Wismar (Germany) and a solar glass production site in Furth (Germany).

2) Solarworld – is the Biggest German producer of solar panels,the company is one of the few to still have operations in Europe and USA.Solarworld produces its own wafers,cells and modules making it one of the few vertically integrated companies in Europe.This ensures higher quality control and lower costs. Solarworld is strongly expanding in USA as growth slows down in Germany. Solarworld is also entering the polysilicon sector through a JV with Qatar.

 3) Bosch – the German Automotive Giant which also has a presence in the Industrial and Engineering Sectors made an entry into the Solar Energy field buying up a German solar company Ersol a few years ago at  the height of the solar boom. Bosch makes Solar Panels not only of the mainstream crystalline silicon type but also sells thin film solar panels which it acquired from Johanaa. Bosch Solar Panels are of good quality being made in German factories where quality control is good.

4) Q-Cells – The largest solar producer of cells in 2008 faced a horrendous 2009 running losses of as high as Euro 1 billion.After restructuring it has moved its factories to Malaysia and has diversified into solar modules and systems.The German company has seen its stock price drop more than 95% from the peak levels.It is using Flextronics as an outsourced module producer for its cells.The company has expanded into making Photovoltaic modules and systems.The company also makes  thin  film modules through its Solibro subsidiary.

5) Schott – The German Glass Maker is a big component supplier to the CSP industry but does not provide a turnkey solution.Schott is also involved in the Solar PV Technology area producing both crystalline silicon panels as well as thin film panels.It recently established a JV with Chinese company Hareon and plans to build 700 MW of solar panel capacity in emerging markets around the world.It has won a contract to supply 20 MW of thin film modules to Indian Solar Company Premier Solar with 10 MW of supply in 2010 and 10 MW in 2011.






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