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Gujarat trailblazes solar energy growth in India with over 65% capacity and innovative 1 MW floating solar power plant

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Gujarat has leapfrogged far ahead of other Indian states in solar energy installations. This is despite the fact that Rajasthan had won the lion’s share of solar power plant under the federal program JNNSM. While Rajasthan has around 200 MW of solar power plants installed it is still far behind Gujarat in terms of installations at ~650 MW. Note these 2 states account for almost 85% of the solar power capacity in the country till date. This is inline with my earlier projection that Rajasthan and Gujarat would be the leader in solar power development in India. What is amazing about Gujarat’s achievement is that, it has installed the capacity through state initiative and funds without taking help from the Centre. While a number of other states in India too have started their own solar subsidy programs,they have been nowhere near as good, as transparent or successful as Gujarat.

Gujarat is one of the most industrially advanced states in the country and has been pushing renewable energy strongly.The state is promoting solar power through both RPS and Feed in Tariffs beside promoting Solar Equipment Manufacturing as well. The Gujarat Government is far ahead of other states in rolling out incentives and subsidies for Green Energy. Some of the incentives include RPS, Solar PV & Solar Thermal incentives.The State has already received proposals for setting up around  365 MW of Solar Power. The Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission is the agency responsible for the implementation of the RE policy in the state.The state has seen giants like Siemens setting up manufacturing plants to leverage the future growth of Clean Energy in the state. Gujarat has been a trailblazer in Solar Energy in India. Gujarat through its own RPS and Feed in Tariff incentives is targeting 1000 MW by 2013.

Gujarat however through its own state solar subsidy has made substantial progress. Gujarat has been the biggest promoter of Solar Energy in India amongst all the other states.The State has already implemented a clear and forward looking Renewable Energy Policy with emphasis on Solar Energy.It has signed PPAs with a number of solar project developers under its State Solar Subsidy Scheme.While other states are looking mainly towards the federal subsidy scheme JNNSM to push Solar Energy Generation,Gujarat is looking to push Solar Energy on its own.Gujarat now has reportedly acquired 3000 acres at Charnaka village in Patan District which it will give to solar project developers to install solar panels.In the First Phase of this projects,80 Developers will install 1-45 MW Solar Plants to generate 500 MW capacity.The next phase will feature another 500 MW of capacity.

Gujarat has managed to jumpstart the largest solar park in the country and managed to get investments in billions of dollars. Solar Panels are being promoted in off grid applications like solar lights as well in numerous parts of the state. The 1 MW solar power plant on the Narmada canal has been one of the most innovative uses of solar power in the country till now.The state has not only grown solar energy, it is one of the leaders in wind energy installation and wind turbine manufacturing as well. Gujarat has also drawn up plans to set up the first offshore wind power project and is also looking at building a tidal power plant.


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