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Chance to Participate in in a New Indian Wave Energy Startup – Bhagirata

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Wave and Tidal Energy have been the poor cousins of Solar and Wind Power in the Alternative Energy Domain. I have written about the wave energy devices and advantages and disadvantages of tidal power in the past as well. But the investment opportunities in this area of clean energy have been limited because the technology is still in its infancy. Dr. Ashok has come out with a plan to build a 100 MW device using wave energy and needs funding to develop it. Below is a description of the Plan and the Funding required . Interested Investors can do their due diligence and contact the inventor directly.

Introducing Dr Ashok

Dr Ashok Kundapur has  completed M.SC in Zoology from Central College, Bangalore and Doctorate at Institute for Research in Reproduction  of Mumbai.Concern for ever deteriorating environment turned his attention to Alternate Energy use. His web site has won me an acclaim as International Solar cooker Expert.  My web site has been adopted by Solar Cooker International of USA and EOLSS of UNESCO.He has now turned his attention towards wave energy coming out with the design to build a 100 MW device.

Business Plan

1. Dr. Ashok Kundapur, M.Sc., Ph.D., Inventor & Promoter.

2. Dr. Narasimha Bhat, M.S., Ph.D., Partner & Business Advisor, (CEO, Manipal
Dot Net, Manipal, leading one on the successful Industries in Manipal,
specializing in manufacturing complex switch boards and components )

3. Mr. M J Thomas, BE., Partner & Technical Advisor,(Formerly with KMC,
Manipal, served in Medical Instrument Maintenance of KMC, well versed
with control systems and components)

4. Mr. Prabhakar D H., BE., First Financial Partner, (Engineer in an Oil
Company NRI at Abu Dhabi, Highly experienced in various aspects of Oil
exploration and also Marine structurals).


Tropical seas are low energy seas, and hence I felt is was essential to store Energy. In fact this appears to be a worldwide feature, in all Seas for that matter. Hence experts feel that my system to store Wave energy would perform better and will be a success.  The low energy sea also posed several problems for me initially. For example,  the sea recedes for over 200 m in some part of the coast. So I had to think of a device to work from on shore to near shore under water.  Many other important parameters – like corrosive nature of Sea Water- had to be addressed.   Another important aspect is the interest of stake holders like Fishermen and Sports lovers. As a Biologist I was also aware of and have taken special care to avoid any possible pollution from the system which would affect Sea life. Many of the other systems invented so far produce power in small quantity and thus they require costly converting and integrating units. My system totally avoids all these, and is capable of generating Grid interactive power of 100 MW or more power. Thus I feel I have devised a system which in all likely hood would be a successful Invention World over.

The system is simple. The newly  invented Three Tire Composite Hydraulic Pump forms the crucial part of the whole system. This complex system, though small,  has demonstrated its power and ability successfully. This unit will be almost 10 times larger in the commercial installation.

First tire of pump will be under water, and buoys – which heave up and down due to the action of wave movement, operate the pump. Such small pumps will be connected to another complex, which will be installed over the shore. This has two parts, the lower part receives pressurized hydraulic fluid from smaller pumps, and ‘builds up pressure’. This in turn pushes a piston in the third tire of the pump and pushes water to a height of over 150 meters.

Bhagirata will have more than 2000 such pumps and will push adequate amount of water to the reservoir on top of the hillock. From there the water is brought down to the Hydroelectric generator to produce 100 MW of Grid interactive power. It is estimated that about 20,000 sq.m of space is required in the sea to produce 100 MW. That means One sq, km area of sea can produce almost 5000 MWs of power. Even if we assume that just half of this that is 2500 MW would be feasible, that too just for 50% of India’s coastal area (7,500 kms) , an incredible 9 million MW of power can be produced – without any pollution or burning even a single kilo of fossil fuel. Fresh water used in the system is not allowed to flow into the sea but conserved.

Though this system, at present,  is designed for hilly area near the sea ( from Shiroor to almost beyond Jaitapur and Mumbai of Konkan area, as well as several areas on East coast) with some experience and developments, the system can be adopted to coastal areas without such hills.

Cost of establishment of the system in India is estimated at Rs 7.5 to 9 crores per MW. This is very close to a Coal based Thermal power plant which costs 6 to 6.5 MW.  But it should be noted that because the Wave Harnessing system does not burn any fuel, returns on investment will be very fast, well within 5 to 6 years, and profit margin will be very high. No Social costs like pollution, contamination of well water, or contamination of sea water with ash and the like. Pure and Clean power till the Sun and the Moon last. (Fairly detailed Business Plan is ready and can be presented at the time of further


Name: Dr Ashok Kundapur, (age: 67)

Kalashree, Hayagreva Nagara, Udupi -576 102.,



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