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Israel targeted with Car Bombs in India and Georgia, Revenge for Iranian Assassinations ?

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Relations between Israel and Iran have touched a new low with massive sanctions against Iran for its nuclear program failing to produce any results. With the new embargo against Iranian oil by Europe ,tensions have been increasing. There is a lot of speculation that Israel will launch Air attacks on Iran to destroy its nuclear bomb facilities. There have been some assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists recently though no one has been officially blamed. USA too has been caught in the game with one of its drones shot done by Iran. Last year a very sophisticated virus Stuxnet was launched against Iran’s computers which led to speculation of attack from Israel and other places.

Iran which has been at the centrestage of a Nuclear Row with USA over its uranium enrichment plans has been said to be hit with a very sophisticated Stuxnet Computer Virus.The Technology and Sophistication behind Stuxnet had made USA and Israel as the prime suspects for being behind this cyberattack on Iranian Nuclear Facilities.The encryption breaking used by this Computer Worm and the Target of Attack makes it pretty much clear that is was not made by your common criminal or hacker but by a well financed and advanced organization.The virus attack the software used in logic controllers of complex machines like industrial plants or satellites.The Worm uploads itself through Windows made computers and infects Siemens made Software which is used in Iran’s Nuclear Facilities.

Now Car Bombs have been used against Israel’s Diplomatic Personnel in Georgia and India. While the bomb in Geogia was diffused by the action of alert guards in Tbilsi, the one in India went off. Note India is a very susceptible country when it comes to terrorist attacks. The Bombay blasts when a number of Israelis were killed took place only 2-3 years ago. Now again an Innova SUV from Toyota was targeted in one of the most secure areas of India’s capital Delhi. Note this attack could have been done by numerous organizations like Al-Qaeda, Pakistan based terrorist groups or even some of the Iran sympathetic groups.

Embassies in Georgia, India targeted; at least one injured

Two car bomb attacks – one foiled and one successful – targeted Israeli embassies on Monday, leaving at least embassy employee injured in New Dehli. The second attack, in which a car bomb was diffused by local police in Georgia, caused no injuries or damage.

The condition of the injured employee in New Delhi was not immediately available.

The attempted attack on the Israeli embassy in Georgia was foiled when an employee discovered an explosive device car across from the diplomatic mission, Israel Radio reported.

Iran manages to raise Uranium Enrichment to 20%

Iran and the West have been in a major tradeoff since the last couple of years with Iran’s enrichment of uranium which can be used to make nuclear weapons. Note the recent tensions were escalated with the EU joining the US in embargoing Iran. This has not gone unnoticed by the Iranian government which has threatened to close the Strait of Hormun which could disrupt a major portion of the global oil supplies.

Note one of the main dangers of nuclear energy is the probability of the fuel getting into the hands of terrorists and rogue nations which can use it to make nuclear weapons. Note the fears of a Taliban like group getting their hands on nuclear arms in Pakistan is all too real.With Iran getting nuclear weapons, this will increase. Nuclear Power is already being phased out in Germany,Japan,Switzerland after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The dangers of  nuclear energy are too great to make it an option to secure mankind’s energy in the future.Despite the advantages of nuclear power, the risks are too great to be played with.


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