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Easiest Way to Become Super Rich in India – Become a Politician Crony (Ponty Chadha stashes $20 million cash in Mall Basement)

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India is a country with one of the biggest population of poor people living hand to mouth. But becoming super rich in this country is quite easy if you know how. All you have to do is become a political crony and start counting your millions if not billions. Corruption in India has become rampant with a scam being uncovered almost every day. Politicians and Businessmen have been jailed but they have managed to get out on bail using their millionaire lawyers to fake illness and other shenanigans. Some politicians are now involved in both professions with some rumored to be billionaires owning companies through surreptitious means and parking their money in Swiss banks. Business Groups in India see their shares rising and going down depending on which political party wins proving the nexus between politicians and businessmen. There has been no reforms to separate these two and now powerful politico-business dynasties have started ruling large parts of India.

Leaders of Political parties have their favorite businessmen which they shower with goodies. There are example galore which is described below. Today a businessman in Uttar Pradesh was found to have stashed around $20 million in cash in the basement of a mall that he owns. Ponty Chadha is  real estate and liquor tycoon with close ties with the leader to that state. Both industries are rampantly corrupt and sources of massive black money generation. Like other scamsters expect this one to get away too.

Nira Radia reveals Sordid Corruption Nexus – DB Realty owned by Pawar,Tata Companies TCS,Tata Motors Bending Backwards in giving Favors to DMK Raja for Telecom License

Nira Radia the millionaire lobbyist who became a public figure overnight as tapes leaked to her phone conversations were printed by the mass media has revealed sordid details about the politician businessmen nexus.In the chargesheet presented by the CBI to the Supreme Court she has revealed the multi billion dollar realty company DB Realty is a front for Sharad Pawar and controlled by him.This hardly comes as a surprise as powerful Agri Minister Pawar has been linked to a number of corruption scandals like the Lavasa Scandal,2G Telecom Scam,IPL Scam etc.Note DB Realty CEO has been directly implicated in the transfer of bribe giving to Raja the former Telecom Minister in exchange for a Telecom License at dirt cheap prices.It is a tribute to the power of Pawar that despite such massive circumstantial evidence against him and his family,there has been no court case or police charges against him.Note a number of big companies in India are known to be secretly owned and controlled by powerful politicians.Not that politicians don’t own  billion dollar businesses openly and use their political muscle to further their own interests in a blatant manner.

India Corruption Unlimited – Sharad Pawar gets Linked in yet another Scam (DB Realty,Pune,Sule)

Sharad Pawar,India’s powerful agricultural minister and the president of the international cricket body ICC has managed to get involved in most corruption scams coming out in the last year or so.However he has managed to come out unscathed even as his fingers are in multiple corruption pies.The name of Pawar and his daughter Supriya Sule ( who is a MP what a surprise) has come up in multiple corruption scandals like the 2G Telecom Scandal,IPL Cricket Scandal and Lavasa Scam etc.However it points to his influence and reach,that nothing has happened.He is the leader of a regional party which is part of the ruling coalition in the centre.

The ICC and the BCCI are one of the most corrupt and opaque sporting bodies in the country.Cricket is a religion in India and generates billions of dollars in revenue which is monopolized by the BCCI which is a private cabal of corrupt politicians and businessmen.TheBCCI runs with no accountability and the corruption of the BCCI is openly condoned.The IPL Scam involving Modi revealed the extent of rot in the game administration and led to his ouster.However his mentor Pawar escaped without a blot.The arrogance and power of the BCCI is reflected in the fact it has refused to let enter any members of the electronics media into the final match of the World Cup despite a request from the information ministry.Now there is news that Pawar has close links with the real estate firm DB Realty which is another billion dollar corruption based company.DB Realty is one of the ringleaders in the 2G Telecom Scam being investigated by the Supreme Court.It has led to the jailing of India’s former Telecom Minister and revealed the systematic corruption in all major institutions in the country.

India’s Business and Political Elite continue to Mock Indian Laws;Raju gets Bail

India’s Business and Political Elite continue to mock the Indian Legal System through loopholes and expensive lawyers.I had written earlier in a post of how Satyam Scandal Kingpin Ramalinga Raju enjoyed luxurious facilities at hospitals despite his jail term.He had managed to avoid questioning by the authorities through excuses of bad health and now he has managed to get bail for the Biggest Corporate Scandal to hit India.This reduces the trust of the Indian citizens on  the State and tarnishes the reputation of the country as a vibrant democracy.A number of scandals have hit the Indian legal system with a powerful criminal convicted of murder recently partying in the capital.He had got time away from jail on the recommendation of the state government.Politically connected powerful criminals manage to enjoy jail time through lenient jail authorities who let them out frequently on flimsy conditions.Even in Jail,they enjoy a privileged existence denied to common criminals.Their army of expensive lawyers keeps finding loopholes to get off their rich clients as India’s Justice System remains mired under millions of long due cases.

It is a matter of concern that everyone of the accused in this scandal has managed to get bail as India’s premier agency CBI has not been able to build a watertight case till now.This is despite Raju accepting his role as the master rogue in the siphoning of millions of dollars from India’s 4th largest IT company at that time.Despite the media spotlight on this case,blatant corruption has won again.

“Corruption as Tradition” Justification in Bangalore Land Scam by Chief Minister of Indian State

Corruption in India has taken a widely virulent and blatant form with scams popping up almost everyday.Greed is Good has become  the motto for India’s Role Models in Sport and Military as well.India’s Politicians are Leading the  protagonists with Realty being the Main Theme.Note Real Estate companies in India are notorious for corruption with the sector being avoided by Fund Managers.India’s Southern State of Karnataka is known for its IT Industry with capital Bangalore famous as a Knowledge Hub.However the Politicians of that State have made it the Corruption Capital with Bangalore equally famous for Land Grabbing and Real Estate Scams by Bureaucrats and Politicians.Note the rest of Karnataka has also been made famous by Illegal Mining.Robber Mining Barons have become powerful enough to topple governments with some heading the administration as Ministers.

 The Chief Minister of the State has justified Corruption in Land Dealings as Tradition.Being Accused of favorably allocating Prime Land to Companies owned by his sons,he has sought to defend himself by accusing previous administrations of indulging in land scams as well.India’s Image of Corruption has become bleaker by the Day with the Commonwealth Games Scam,Adarsh Housing Scam and the Multi Billion 2G Telecom Spectrum Auction Scam.Now comes this Scam perpetrated by the leaders of the Chief Opposition Party.India’sPolitical and Business Elite have scant regard for India’s Justice System as hardly anyone is prosecuted for Corruption.Only some small fish are made scapegoats while the Ringleaders  blatantly and openly indulge in manipulation and corruption.

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