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How Massive 1000 Megawatt Solar Energy Farms in Chinese Deserts will Boost 2012 Demand

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China add the most electricity capacity annually in the world at around 100 GW and its total electricity generation capacity is second only to the USA which it will surpass in the next few years. China is highly dependent on thermal power for its energy needs which is becoming scarce and expensive by the day. Not to speak of the big disadvantages of coal as a fuel which causes thousands of deaths each year. Solar Energy has now reached grid parity in many parts of the world thanks to the low cost cheap solar panels being made by Chinese solar panel producers. With many countries now thinking of putting an anti dumping duty on Chinese solar modules, the government is looking to boost domestic demand . Chinese solar panel Tier 1 players like LDK, Suntech, Trina and Yingli besides some others are the biggest beneficiaries of this new solar policy from China.

China is looking to set up massive 1000 MW solar energy farms in its desert regions of Qinghai, Mongolia ,Tibet and others .Some of these regions have the highest solar radiation in the world with over 2700 hours of sunshine. What this means is that solar power can be profitably be generated at 8c/ Kwh .Though higher than coal generate power , this price is constant for 30 years even as thermal, gas and other forms of fossil fuel will keep going up besides increasing carbon emissions. These massive 1000 MW farms can be now be built quickly as Chinese solar companies have massive capacity which can supply solar panels at a very cheap price of as low as 80c/ watt.

China raises Solar Energy Capacity Target to 50 GW from 20 GW in 2020

China’s Solar Panel Manufactures have enjoyed a massive boom phase though domestic solar electric capacity has failed to keep up.China has been rewriting its renewable energy plan  in the wake of the Fukushima Nuclear Energy Disaster in Japan.Note there has been a strong global backlash against nuclear energy around the world and 7 nuclear plants in Germany have been closed all but in name.Other countries like South Korea,Italy,Switzerland are rethinking of what do about their nuclear reactors giving the massive tail risks with nuclear generation.China had a target of only  20 GW of solar by 2020 has decided to raise the target by  150% to 50 GW according to the country’s leading energy planning authority NDRC.Note China installed more than 15 GW of Wind Energy in 2010 alone becoming the world’s largest Wind Energy Market by far.Solar Energy strongly lags Wind in China despite China having the biggest solar panel manufacturing industry in the world.Its Golden Sun and other Solar Subsidy programs have been small in absolute terms compared to its huge electricity capacity.Note Wind Power in China has reached a saturation level with almost 18 GW installed in 2010 ,with such a high level further growth looks quite difficult.

3 Signs of Trouble for Chinese Wind Energy

1) Sinovel has canceled shipments of Electrical Control Systems (ECS) for its Wind Turbines from American Superconductor due to high inventory levels and refused past payments as well.With the biggest Manufacturer of Wind Turbines reporting inventory problems,the situation of the rest can’t be that good

2) The Chinese National Energy Bureau was considering tighter procedures that would include requiring local governments to get the written approval before going ahead with wind projects with installed capacity of less than 50 MW.Earlier it used to be more than 50 MW

3) Hundreds of Wind Turbines have not been connected to the Power Grid due to lack of capacity or transmission lines.China emphasises on investment without factoring in returns is one cause of these orphan wind turbines.

Qinhai to build 1 GW solar power plant

The government of Hainan Tibetan autonomous prefecture and GSF Capital signed amemorandum on Sunday, planning to build a 1-GW solar power base in this underdeveloped prefecture and bring abundant electricity for the local people.
The country plans to build solar power plants mainly in Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia,Gansu, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Yunan.


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