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Chinese Wind Tower Companies face Dumping Danger after Solar Panel Makers

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Chinese Solar Panel Producers have become a famous target of an anti dumping petition brought on by Solarworld and other companies.Though US Solar Installers have opposed the move as it will increase the solar panel prices in US,ITC has gone ahead with the investigation.Though the charges of subsidies and efficiency can be debated,the fact remains that US Solar Panel Producers can’t compete with Chinese Solar Panels.Massive industrial overcapacity in China has made the prices of products very cheap and made it difficult for Western producers to compete in most areas such as Chemical,Renewable Energy,Textiles etc.The Chinese win because of their low interest rates,cheap labor,free land,massive government support.

Wind Tower makers in the USA are now bringing forth measures to stop Chinese and Vietnamese wind tower producers from  selling in the USA as well.With the trade relations between China and USA already quite bad,it remains to get worse still if the wind industry also becomes a focus point.Note Chinese wind turbines producers are already the world’s biggest.The price wars in China have made them look to exports and USA has been targeted by these companies.Sinovel and Goldwind are leading the charge.Its a matter of time before other companies target the wind turbine segment as well.Unlike solar panels ,most wind turbines in USA are made locally.

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Local wind tower manufacturers complain about Chinese pricing, sign petition

Claiming unfair pricing practices by Chinese and Vietnamese importers, two wind energy companies with local work sites have signed on to a petition asking trade regulators to investigate possible dumping of wind towers into the U.S. market at less than fair value.The group claims the Chinese government uses subsidies to push wind towers into the U.S. market. The petition asks that duties be placed on Chinese and Vietnamese tower imports by the U.S. Department of Commerce and also seeks an investigation by the International Trade Commission.

Green War between USA and China escalates with acceptance of 301 Filing

The Rise of American Protectionism has its chief enemy in the shape of China.Increasing unemployment and slow economic growth make Currency Wars seem  inevitable in the face of shrinking global demand and export loving countries.However Green Wars are something totally new.Clean Technology leadership has been slipping to China,as USA dithers and bickers on climate legislation and energy laws.China has been strategically pumping huge amounts of cash into the new age Green Industries.Other countries like South Korea,Singapore,Malaysia,Japan,Germany,Spain are also making a major push into the Renewable Energy Industry.USA despite its technology leadership has seen Green Jobs melting away towards China and Mexico.With American Public  Sentiment turning heavily against China in recent times,the US Congress and Administration have been pressurizing China on multiple fronts


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