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List of Top Sugar Manufacturers,Exporters in India – Sugar Industry in India a Cyclical Sector,Sugar Prices and Types,Byproducts of Sugar

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Sugar is produced by pressing out the juice from sugarcane & then boiling it into crystals. This process was developed in India around 500 BC. The sugarcane cultivation is believed to have originated in New Guinea, and was spread along routes to Southeast Asia and India. Brazil and India are the largest producer and producer-consumer of sugar respectively. India is the second largest producer of sugarcane next to Brazil. In 2008, the production in Brazil was 645,300,182 tonnes & India was 348,187,900 tonnes. India contributes about 12% of world sugar production and has annual sugar production capacity of 23 million tonnes with a total investment of $11000 million. Presently, about 4 million hectares of land is under sugarcane production. The average yield is around 70 tonnes per hectare. India now has 453 working sugar factories with an average capacity of 3500 TCD (tonnes crushed per day). There has been an increase in the volume of free international trade in sugar, which provides an excellent means of increasing exports. In India over 45 million tonnes of sugar is being traded each year. Sugar production is not the only business of the Indian industry, but it also has a diversified business of power generation and ethanol production. The country has been producing about 1.7 billion liters of alcohol utilizing 75-80% molasses, which is a by-product of sugar production in the country. In 1993, Molasses and alcohol-based industries were decontrolled, but currently are being controlled by state governments.

The quality & quantity of sugar produced, depends on the factors like daily crushing capacity, duration of crushing season and percentage of sugar recovery from the cane crushed & quality of the sugar cane produced. However, since the production pattern is not constant, sugar becomes an erratic trade in the world market.Food Processing Companies in India are the major consumers of the Sugar Industry.


India is the largest single producer of sugar including Khandsari and Gur. They are the traditional cane sugar sweeteners which is consumed more by the rural population in India. Currently, about one-third of sugarcane production is used for Gur & Khandsari production. These two sectors are completely free from controls and taxes which are applicable to the sugar industry.


Government plays an important role in the Indian Sugar industry by laying down various restrictive sugar policies, regarding its production & sale both locally & exports. With the grant of tariff protection to the Indian sugar industry, in 1930 the modern sugar processing industry started in India. In 1950-51 the Government laid down targets of sugar production and consumption, licensed and installed capacity, sugarcane production during each of the Five Year Plan periods.India’s Sugar Industry is one of the most controlled food processing industry in the country with strict laws on export,stocking,prices paid to sugarcane farmers etc.This gives rise to a lot of corruption as well which is the case with most regulated industries in India.The Minimum Support Price (MSP) is controlled by the state governments as well which give their own prices.This makes the sugar industry a minefield of ad hoc rules and laws.

Sugar Prices in India

Sugar in India goes through periodic booms and busts with oversupply leading to a crash in sugar prices.This results in lower acreage which means higher prices in the latter years.As imports and exports are strictly regulated this means that the sugar indutry in India faces periodic peaks and valleys in its performance.In 2008 there was a massive boom where prices of sugar shot up leading to massive profits for the sugar companies.However in recent years oversupply had led to losses as the ASP of sugar has not kept up with the high prices being paid for sugarcane.Sugar prices in India have been range bound at around Rs 30-35/kg in 2010 and 2011.This is in sharp contrast to other food prices which have shot up sharply in this time interval


  1. Molasses – used for the manufacture of alcohol, yeast and cattle feed. Nearly 90% of molasses produced is consumed by the industrial alcohol manufacturers.
  2. Bagasse – is a fibrous residue of cane stalk that is obtained after crushing and extracting juice. It is used as a combustible in furnaces to produce steam, which in turn produces power. It is also used as a raw material for production of paper and as feedstock for cattle.
    The sugar mills have been successful in procuring up to 90-95% of its total power requirement, by using bagasse. Hence it has cut down its dependence on State Electricity for their power supply.
  3. Ethanol – is used as a blend fuel with gasoline in the transport sector.
  4. Fly Ash – is the residue that is left after bagasse completely burns out. It can be used as a substitute for firewood. It is also used by the farmers for cultivation.
  5. Press mud – the residue that is left, after the filtration of the juice, is called Press mud. It is also known as oliver cake or press cake. It is used to produce high quality bio-manure.


Sugar products can be broadly divided into four basic categories : granulated, brown, liquid sugar and invert sugar.

The most popular amongst all is the Granulated sugar, which pure crystalline sucrose, mostly used for domestic purpose, food processing industries and professional bakers. It can be further classified into several types of sugar based on the crystal size.

  1. Regular / Extra Fine / Fine Sugar – is the regular sugar found in every home. It is most commonly used for domestic cooking.
  2. Fruit sugar – is slightly finer than regular sugar and is used in dry mixes such as gelatin desserts, pudding mixes and drink mixes.
  3. Bakers Specials – is even finer than fruit sugar. It was developed specially for the baking industry.
  4. Superfine/ Ultrafine/ Bar Sugar – is the finest of all the types of granulated sugar. It is ideal for extra fine textured cakes and meringues.
  5. Confectioners / Powdered Sugar – is granulated sugar ground to a smooth powder and then sifted. It is used in icings, confections and whipping cream.
  6. Coarse sugar – is normally processed from the purest sugar liquor. Used in making fondants, confections and liquors.

LIST of Sugar Manufacturers/Exporters India

  1. BALRAMPUR CHINI MILS LTD. – is one of the largest integrated sugar manufacturing companies in India It was incorporated in 1975 under the Companies Act. The company has sugar factories located in U.P. having an aggregate crushing capacity of 76,500 tons per day. Its allied business consists of manufacturing and marketing of Sugar, Molasses, Bagasse, Ethyl Alcohol & Ethanol, generation and selling of power and manufacturing and marketing of organic manure. Since 1990, the company has been engaged in entering into various agreements and setting up of various sugar plants. BCML acquired a controlling stake in 1990, in Babhnan Sugar Mill Ltd, later in April 1998, in Tulsipur Sugar Co. Ltd. In March 2003, BCML installed a bagasse based co-generation power plant. In 2003-2004 it set up an integrated sugar complex at Haidergarh. Various greenfield sugar projects were set up at Akbarpur, Mankapur, Kumbhi & Gularia in UP. The net profits (after tax) for the eighteen months ended on March 2011 was Rs.16,441 lacs.
  2. BAJAJ HINDUSTHAN LTD. – is a part of the Bajaj Group. It is India’s Number One Sugar manufacturing company. BHL is also India’s largest ethanol producer. It has fourteen sugar plants, all located in UP Golagokarannath, Palia Kalan and Khambarkhera (district Lakhimpur Kheri), Barkhera (district Pilibhit), Kinauni (district Meerut), Gangnauli (district Saharanpur), Thanabhavan and Budhana (district Muzaffarnagar), Bilai (district Bijnore), Maqsoodapur (district Shahjahanpur), Pratappur (district Deoria), Rudauli (district Basti), Kundarkhi (district Gonda) and Utraula (district Balrampur). These plants have aggregate sugarcane crushing capacity of 136,000 TCD and a distillery capacity to produce 800,000 liters of alcohol per day. The company currently produces 38 million litres of ethanol in a year. Sugar is the main product of the company. It is produced in L-31, M-31, S-31, L-30, M-30 and S-30 out of which maximum production is of 31 colour sugar. There are various by-products that are produced during sugar manufacturing process like Molasses, Bagasse, Fly Ash & Press Mud.
  3. DWARIKESH SUGAR INDUSTRIES LTD. – is an integrated business house primarily engaged in the manufacture of sugar and its allied products. Dwarikesh is today a fast-growing industrial group with a strong presence in diversified fields such as sugar manufacturing, power and ethanol/industrial alcohol production. It has a combined capacity of 21,500 tons of sugar per day. The plants are located in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh, at Dwarikesh Nagar (Najibabad), Dwarikesh Puram (Afzalgarh) and at Dwarikesh Dham, Tehsil Faridpur, District- Bareilly. During the quarter ended March 2011, the company reported profit of Rs 175.36 million.
  4. DHAMPUR SUGAR MILLS LTD. – Dhampur is one of the leading integrated sugarcane processing companies in India. The current capacity of Dhampur Group is 39,500 TCD. Its products include Power, Ethanol, Chemicals, Refined Sugar and Plantation White Sugar. The sugar is sold under the brand name of Dhampure. It is also the first and the largest producer of refined sulphurless sugar in the country. It can produce 4,200 metric tonnes of sugar per day & refine 1,700 metric tonnes of sugar per day. The distillery capacity is 270,000 liters of alcohol/fuel ethanol per day. It can produce 45 tonnes of aledehyde, 30 tonnes of acetic acid, 15 tonnes of acetic anhydride, 60 tonnes of ethyl acetate and 10 tonnes of liquid carbon dioxide. It also produces bio-fertilizers.
  5. TRIVENI ENGINEERING & INDUSTRIES LTD. – is a part of the Triveni group of companies, whose main business includes sugar & engineering. It is amongst the largest manufacturer of sugar in India. Its Products ranges from Sugar & molasses to Power generation. It has current cane crushing capacity of 61,000 TCD & seven production facilites at Khatauli, Deoband, Ramkola, Sabitgarh, Chandanpur, Raninagal and Milak Narainpur. All the seven sugar factories are located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. In all the factories, double suphitation process is followed for sugar production. The sugar is sold under the brand name of Shagun.
    The company started the co-generation of electricity in Deoband and Khatauli which makes the production process more cost efficient. Molasses, the by-product generated during the manufacture of sugar is fermented and distilled and variants of alcohol are manufactured. The 160,000 litre distillery unit is located at Muzaffarnagar. Company has 150 KLPD Ethanol plant at Muzaffarnagar. It has started supplying Ethanol to oil marketing company from Dec’10.
  6. RENUKA SUGAR – is one of India’s largest sugar and ethanol producer. It has a capacity of 4000 TCD and distillery capacity of 900 Kilo liter/day. It accounts for 20% of India’s international sugar trade & holds 21% market share in India’s fuel ethanol market.
  7. EID PARRY (INDIA) LTD. – is one of the largest business groups in the country. Its business can be classified into Sugar, Bio products & Nutraceuticals. Sugar Division contributes to over 65% of EID Parry’s turnover. The history of the Indian Sugar Industry has been closely linked with that of Parry’s. Parry set up the first Sugar Factory in 1842 at Bandipalayam and currently has one of its units established at Nellikuppam, Tamil Nadu. E.I.D. Parry (India) Limited, is a pioneer in the manufacture of plantation white sugar from sugarcane. Around 20% of the sugar production in Tamil Nadu is from EID. EID Parry has five plants in the country.The combined crushing capacity of all the five plants is around 15800 TCD. The sugar is sold under it’s brand name Parry. Parry’s pure refined sugar has a longer shelf life of over 18 months and is absolutely pure and free of all impurities.


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