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CEEG SST Solar – Review of CEEG Solar Monocrystalline Modules (180,250W) Prices,Specifications and Comparision

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CEEG or China Electric Equipment Group Corporation is based in Nanjing, China and is a China state owned company.Chinese Solar Panels have captured more than 50% of the global market for crystalline solar panels and the biggest solar panel producers are from China.CEEG is one of the top 15 Chinese solar module manufacturers and sells solar panels under the CEEG Brand.Like its name implies the CEEG Group has a major presence in the electrical equipment market and 3 of its 4 divisions operate in this segment.The company is also listed on the NASDAQ under the CSUN symbol alongwith a host of other Chinese panel producers like Trina,Yingli,Suntech,Canadian Solar and others.CEEG’s power transformers and PV products have been qualified for CCC, UL and EU  certifications.It recently launched the Quasar range of high efficiency solar panels.In 2004, CEEG got engaged in the PV industry and established China Sunenergy (formerly CEEG Nanjing PV-Tech Co., Ltd).CEEG has  4 solar panel production factories  and 600 MW of production capacity.CEEG was originally a solar cell producer and seller before getting into the manufacture of solar panels in 2009 though acquisitions of 2 small solar module producers.

CEEG Solar Panels Review

CEEG Standard modules are designed for both residential and commercial, rooftop and ground-mounted, as well as on-grid and off-grid photovoltaic projects.They sell monocrystalline solar panels under the 125 and 156 series which indicates the size of the solar wafers used to make these solar modules.

SST 170-72M series monocrystalline silicon module

These solar panels have 72 High-Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Cells,Anodized aluminum frame ,Reinforced Solar Glass
Advanced Cell Encapsulation – The interconnected cells are embedded in ultra transparent EVA with multilayer backsheets for additional weather protection.They have a 5-year hardware warranty with a  25-year power output warranty

Other Solar Panels in thsi range are Solar Module SST 190-72M and Solar Module SST 180-72M

SST 280-72M series monocrystalline silicon module

These solar panels also have 72 High-Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Cells,Anodized aluminum frame ,Reinforced Solar Glass and Advanced Cell Encapsulation.The power ratings is of 280 Watts as they cells give around 4 Watts of power each They have a 5-year hardware warranty with a  25-year power output warranty

SE solar energy module (Selective EmitterTM Solar Module)

These are made of CSUN SE high efficiency solar cells and  can deliver you 10% higher efficiency . They give good performance under the low light conditions and suffer less degradation under light exposure. Average efficiency of 17.5%, up to 18%.

Q.Pro-235 Solar Panels

These Quasuar Solar Panels have  multicrystalline solar cells, manufactured in-house, with cell efficiencies of up to 17 % which is quite high for poly cells.They come with an extended 10 year product warranty.These solar panels have the following features of a) Protection against overheating includes a junction box with integrated bypass diodes and 100 % hotspot-free cells b) Approved for increased snow and wind loads up to 5400 Pa, with tempered glass and a flex-resistant frame c) Long-term weather resistance with integrated drainage holes in the frame

Polycrystalline Solar Panels from CEEG

CEEG sells a number of solar panels in the polycrystalline range.They have also got a 5 year and 25 year warranty and most of them have a standard 72 poly cells.

CEEG sells a wide variety of solar panels in the 180-300 Watts range The voltage is most in the 30 V and the weight of the modules is in the 16-25 kg.CEEG Solar Panels Efficiency ranges from 13.5-15.5% Range .

CEEG  Solar Panels Specifications and Prices

CEEG Solar Panels sells one of the cheapest solar panels in the market given that it has a smaller capacity and a lesser brand name in the market.To sell its solar panels competing against top panel manufacturers like Suntech and Western producers like Solarworld,it has to prices it panels cheaply.Being a smaller panel producer there is the danger that the company might go belly up like Spectrawatt and that would mean that the 25 year performance warrantly will effectively become zero.

CEEG Solar Panel Specifications

  • 25 years warranty on output power
  •  5 years warranty on materials and workmanship

International Certifications

  •  ISO9001:2000 certified
  •  TÜV Safety Class II Test.
  •  IEC 61215, IEC 61730
  •  Safety rated to UL 1703.


CEEG Solar Panels Comparison

CEEG sells the cheapest solar panels even amongst the Chinese producers which makes it a very cheap good quality solar panel.The other companies that you can consider in buying solar panels are Trina Solar and Canadian Solar which also sell solar panels quite cheaply in bulk sizes.CEEG is not generally considered as a Tier 1 producer because of its smaller size and recent entry into selling of solar modules.It uses to sell solar cells earlier before getting into this solar segment of the business.

CEEG unlike Trina and Yingli does not make solar wafers or polysilicon raw materials on its own but buys it from outside.That means it has higher costs in general than compared to some of the other sellers.It also has lower number of marketing and sales offices as it is a smaller solar panel provider than others.

You can see the solar panel reviews from other manufacturers below to get an idea.

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Abhishek Shah

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  1. George Morris

    What Warranty??!!
    I purchased 40 (285 watt) CEEG panels from SUNVALLEY S0LLAR. I have snail trail on 60% of my panels but have received very little help from SUNVALLEY SLOLAR and no response from CEEG regarding my warranty. SUNVALLEY SOLAR said it was my responsibility to contact the manufacture in China. REALLY??

  2. Wayne SHannon

    Contact China Sunergy in San Diego, CA for the domestic US manufacturing service. They could probably steer you in the right direction.

    They sell directly to installation companies and retailers, not end users.