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Pros and Cons of Nuclear Weapons – List of Facts and Debate

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Nuclear Weapons are a massively controversial topic with the opposition towards Nuclear Weapons handily beating the supporters of these arms of mass destruction.Nuclear Weapons have been foretold as humankind killers since their development during the Second World War by USA.With the erstwhile USSR developing these nuclear weapons as well,a Cold War developed between the 2 superpowers.The War was Cold as both sides possessed enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world many times over.Despite strong arguments against nuclear weapons,most of the developed nations including the most powerful ones like USA,Russia,UK,France and China have refused to abandon nuclear weapons.There have been many movements for the complete abolition of nuclear weapons which can destroy mankind as we know it.However except for the START reduction of nuclear weapons by USA and Russia nothing much has been achieved.In fact new unofficial nuclear weapon powers like India,Pakistan and Israel have joined the Nuclear Club.South Africa too had developed nuclear weapons before abandoning the idea.Rogue nations such as North Korea are said to have developed nuclear bombs while Iran too is trying to make nuclear weapons to counter USA domination of the Middle East.

Most of the arguments against nuclear weapons are too vehement and extremist to get an idea whether nuclear weapons have any advantages if at all.A listing of facts about nuclear weapons is necessary for kids to get an idea about the dangerous cons of nuclear weapons.While there is no doubt that everyone would like to completely remove nuclear weapons from the world,there are benefits which nuclear power see in them so we need to examine them also.Unless we can analyze and correct the pros of nuclear weapons we are unlikely to get a correct solution to the these Armageddon weapons

Pros of Nuclear Weapons

Deterrence – Nuclear Weapons are the ultimate form of deterrence as no enemy can hope to defeat a nuclear weapon power without massive losses to itself.Even a weaker power can hope to deter a larger power from agression with nuclear weapons and credible delivery mechanisms for those nuclear weapons.While opponents can say that it does not really give deterrence as nuclear weapon powers have come very close to wars such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Kargil War between India and Pakistan.

Low Cost Insurance against Aggression – Some may look upon Nuclear Weapons as a low cost way to insure against aggression from large power.Building massive army,fighters,armour costs a massive deal of money.Compared to that building a few nuclear bombs is quite cheap.North Korea has used this strategy quite effectively to keep USA at bay despite provoking the larger power numerous times.

Cons of Nuclear Weapons

1) Nuclear and Radiation Accidents – This is the biggest con for Nuclear Weapons as it can accidentally lead to massive radiation disaster.Though no major incidents have been reported,nuclear submarines going down and posing a huge danger to the environment have occurred.Many military personnel have been killed in nuclear weapon accidents .

2) Low level of Radioactivity from Normal Operations – The nuclear weapons industry produces a large volume of low-level radioactive waste in the form of contaminated items like clothing, hand tools, water purifier resins, and (upon decommissioning) the materials of which the reactor itself is built

3) Terrorism – There is danger that nuclear weapons in politically unstable countries like Pakistan or Russia may fall into the hands of rogue terrorist elements.These organizations have little fear of reprisals and can use these nuclear bombs in a cavalier manner against major cities for frivolous reasons.

4) Finishing Mankind off – Nuclear Weapons biggest Con and one that can all debate is that it has the potential to finish off mankind.A Nuclear War between 2 big powers can finish off mankind with hundreds of nuclear weapons being used.The few survivors would die off in the nuclear winter.

5) Disability and Cancers amongst affected Population for Decades – Nuclear Weapons were only used by USA against Japan when 2 low level nuclear bombs were dropped over Nagasaki and Hiroshima.The Bombs not only killed thousands but also caused disability and radiation diseases amongst survivors and helpers.These effects were still being felt even now almost 65 years after the bombs were destroyed in 1945.

6) Environment Disaster – These Nuclear Weapons not only kill humans but also destroy the environment and the wildlife for hundreds of years.The residual radiation kills all plants and animals making it a dead zone for hundreds of years.The Chernobyl site where a nuclear power plant disaster took place is still unusable today

7) Diverts Resources from Productive Uses – Nuclear Weapons are very costly for small countries with limited resources like Pakistan and North Korea.While the majority of the population remains mired in desperate poverty,developing nuclear weapons diverts precious resources to nuclear weapons programs.Nuclear Delivery Mechanisms like Fighters,Missiles and Submarines also cost billions of dollars and are need to build an effective Nuclear Deterrent

8) Nuclear Weapons Testing causes Pollution and Degradation – Before Nuclear Weapons Testing was banned,they used to cause huge pollution of land and water by major powers.Thousands of Nuclear Tests by the Big Powers resulted in radiation pollution of the sea and land .

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