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Sun Earth Solar Panels Review

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Sun Earth Solar Panel

NB Solar Sun Earth or Sun Earth Solar Panels is the Brand of Solar Panels sold by Chinese Ningbo based manufacturer of monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar modules SunEarth Solar Power Co.Ltd.The company is known as NB Solar in USA.It has 4 facilities for silicon (3000 tons polysilicon plant), wafers (40 MW ), solar components and solar system production.The company has been in the solar industry for 45 years which would make it one of the oldest solar companies in the world.However it seems to have been left far behind in terms of capacity with only 350 MW in 2009.The Headquarters are in Hi-tech Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China

Sun-Earth is a major supplier of solar systems to telecom towers in China and portable solar systems to Africa.It claims to have supplied to utility grade systems in Spain as well.However it does not have much of a brand name compared to listed Chinese solar companies like Trina Solar,Yingli or Suntech.It is a Tier 2 Supplier of Solar Panels like CEEG Solar and BYD Solar Panels.Therefore its solar panel prices would be lower than that of the Tier 1 solar panel suppliers.In these times of oversupply of solar panels when even the bigger producers like Canadian Solar are operating at razor thin margins,companies like Sun-Earth would be facing survivability questions.So you have to do your due diligence before buying solar panels from small solar panel companies as they might not exist to serve the 25 year performance warranty on their solar panels.That said Sun-Earth looks likely to survive though you cannot be sure with big companies like Evergreen folding up.However given the advantages of solar panels,you should not wait too long to install solar panels.

SunEarth Solar Panels Review

Sun Earth like most other photovoltaic module producers sells solar panels of both polycrystalline and monocrytalline technology and manufactures solar cells and wafers inhouse.The company also develops charge controllers and inverters used in off-grid solar systems.The company gives a 5 year product warranty and and a  25 years performance warranty.Sun Earth Solar Power has like other solar panel producers now introduced a  new 10 Year Product Warranty

It sells polycrystalline solar panels in the 225 to 290 Watts range.These Solar Panels have 4 Bypass Diodes and a Dual Wall Frame.The monocrytalline solar panels are sold in the 90 Watts to 190 Watts range.These solar panels have lower weight and have 3 Bypass Diodes.

  1. TDB125×125-72-P    MONO    170W/ 175W/ 180W/ 185W/ 190W
  2. TPB125×125-36-P    POLY    80W/85W/90W
  3. TPB125×125-72-P    POLY    170W/175W/180W/185W
  4. TPB125×125-96-P    POLY    220W/230W/240W
  5. TPB156×156-60-P    POLY    220W/225W/230W/235W/240W
  6. TPB156×156-72-P    POLY    270W/275W/280W/285W/290W
  7. TDB125×125-36-P    MONO    75W/ 80W/ 85W/ 90W/ 95W
  8. TPB156×156-54-P    MONO    205W/210W/215W

Sun Earth (QSE) Solar Panels Australia

Sun Earth has focused on selling solar panels in Australia.The company has introduced the TDB 125×125-96-P 250W module and TPB 156 series range from 225W to 290W.The Company has become a member of of Australia’s Clean Energy Council.

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