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Solara Solar Panels Review – Semi Flexible Marine German Centrosolar Modules in UK

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Solara Solar Panels are manufactured by German Solar Company Centrosolar which sells PV Systems and Solar Panels under the Solara Brand Name.Centrosolar is one of the biggest solar installers and EPC companies in Europe.The company sells both polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar modules since 2006.Solara Solar Panels are sold in a number of countries with distributors like ARRID Power,12V shop selling it in Australia and Barden,Bright Green Energy selling the panels in UK.Solar Solar Panels are Semi Flexible Marine Solar Modules which are specifically manufactured for use on boats, life rafts, caravans. electric cars and many other mobile applications.

CentroSolar is a listed photovoltaic company on the DAX which makes  mounting systems and solar panels. The company makes PV-systems, modules made of crystalline cells and thin film technology, building-integrated PV-installations, inverters, roof-mounted and roof-integrated mounting systems as well as low-iron solar glass with an anti-reflective coating.CENTROSOLAR has its own PV-module production facility in Wismar (Germany) and a solar glass production site in Furth (Germany)

Solara Solar Panels Review

Solara Solar Panels are one of the better quality solar panels available in the market.However they are quite expensive compared to the normal solar panels.They come at a high premium of around 3-10 pounds /watt compared to normal solar panels which are selling in the international market for $1.-1.3/watt.Though for specialist uses in marine conditions,the pricing premium is justified it seems too high for normal off grid systems where they provide not much extra benefit compared to their 3-4x times normal pricing.Solara Sells Solar Panels in 3 Series of S,K and M.Solara sells solar panels using both Thin Film Technology as well as normal Silicon Technology.They have semi flexible solar panels as well as rigid solar panels for marine,RV as well as home uses.Solara also sells a complete system kit with inverters,batteries,cabling and solar installation training instructions.

Solara Off Grid Standalone Solar Systems and Where Solara Solar Panels are Made

Solara’s stand-alone systems can be used anywhere where there is no grid connection, such as in remote areas , at sea, in mobile homes or caravans.They are flexible and generate electricity even under unfavourable lighting conditions.All the solar panels and components are manufactured in Germany.Solara  solar panels are manufactured at Centrosolar Sonnenstromfabrik in Wismar on shores of the Baltic Sea.

Solara Marine Solar Panels (M-Series)

The M Series of Solara Solar Panels are made for use in Marine Applications.Sea- and Saltwaterresistant modules from the M-Series can be used in  Tsunami warning devices, Bouys for water quality measurement etc The Solar Panels have a dimpled surface which offers the dual benefits of a “prismatic effect” refracting the light from all different angles onto the cells and also acts as a non-slip surface. These Solar Panels are made of stainless steel they are smaller, lighter, and extremely thin. They can be glued or screwed to virtually any surface and can be shaped to slight curves. If fixed to a solid surface they can even be walked upon.

The M Series of Semi Flexible Panels come in the 12-68 Watts Range and are Seawater resistant, transparent, self-cleaning EVA-foil

Solara S Series of Solar Panels (Camping and Caravans)

The Solara S-Series of Solar Panels is meant for  RV’s and caravans.The come bundled with charge controllers and mounting solutions .They can also be used in boats, camper vans, holiday homes, commercial and specialist applications.  Their textured surface reduces sunlight reflections and increases the yield. The panels have a  salt water resistant aluminium frame and a waterproof junction box to allow easy wiring.The panels  have a 26 year performance guarantee.The S Series of Solar Panels have   monocrystalline solar cells with rigid glass fronts. Appealing visual appearance because of the attractive blue background.They come in the 12-130 Watt Ranges

Solara/Centrosolar Backup and Off Grid Systems

Solara sells solar panels made inhouse with power rating of 250Wp, entrosolar’s roof mounting systems, Inverters from SMA and Studer as well as batteries from Hoppecke are integrated by us to a solution.

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