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Solar Panel Stocks Listed in US and Foreign Exchanges

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Solar Panel Stocks have fallen off a cliff in 2011 driven by a massive oversupply in solar modules.The 2010 boom in solar energy demand led to rapid expansion by hundreds of established as well as new solar panel suppliers.This has led to a big increase in solar cell capacity.The demand in 2011 has not been enough to compensate for the massive increase in supply.Many of the higher cost companies in Western markets have already closed down operations with the news of a solar company closing down becoming a daily affair.The last time the wave of solar bankruptcies occured was during the 2008 Lehman crisis.At that time a few of the thin film companies had gone belly up as polysilicon prices had crashed.The sharp drop in solar panel stock provides a good time to enter the solar space as the valuations are at a historical low.Many of the solar panel stocks currently are being priced at a fraction of their sales and book value as the market expects almost every company to shut down.However solar demand is growing as the declining costs of solar energy is its biggest advantage.Also solar power growth is being vastly underestimated by policymakers and analysts.This short term pain is great as it provides a once in a lifetime oppurtunity to buy the solar panel leaders.

Unless you think the whole $70 billion solar industry is going up in vapor,some of these solar power stocks are going to be multibaggers in the future.While a large number of solar panel stocks are listed in the USA,some of the solar companies are listed in Asian and Western markets as well.Taiwan stock exchange has the most number of solar stocks besides the USA.Hong Kong has GCL Poly listed in its stock exchange.For those investor who are not brave enough to venture into the highly volatile solar sectors,here is a list of solar etfs and analysis for you to choose.

Solar Panel Stocks in the USA

  1. JA Solar (JASO) ( The Biggest Solar Cell Producer in the World)
  2. Motech (6244.TW) ( Solar Cell Supplier in Taiwan with wafer and poly production as well)
  3. Suntech (STP) ( The biggest Chinese solar panel producer in the world)
  4. Trina Solar (TSL) ( The most valued Chinese solar panel supplier)
  5. Yingli Green Energy (YGE) ( Top 3 Chinese solar panel supplier)
  6. Jinko Solar (JKS)
  7. Canadian Solar (CSIQ) (Despite Canadian in the name is one of the biggest Chinese solar panel suppliers)
  8. Sunpower Corporation (SPWRA)( Makes the Most Efficiency Solar Panels,bought by French Giant Total)
  9. Hanwha Solar One (HSOL) ( Earlier known as Solarfun,bought by South Korean Conglomerate Hanwha)
  10. China Sunenergy(CSUN) (A Small China Solar Energy Cell and Panel Supplier)
  11. LDK Solar (LDK)
  12. Renesola (SOL)
  13. Ascent Solar (ASTI)  This US Based Company has a long history of making Thin Film Panels on Flexible Substances
  14.  Energy Conversion Devices (ENER) After First Solar,Energy Conversion Devices seemed the mostly likely viable company in Thin Film Technology
  15. General Electric(GE) ( The company is not only a big Solar Developer but also going to sell Cd-Te Panels)

Foreign Solar Panel Stocks

  1. Sharp ( Biggest Japanese Solar Compan)
  2. Sanyo Panasonic( Sanyo plans to invest more than  70% of its total investment over the next  3 years in its renewable energy and energy storage segment)
  3. Kyocera(Kyocera is Japan’s second largest solar panel producing company)
  4. Mitsubishi( Mistubishi is another old time Japanese solar company which has a low profile solar module and system business)
  5. LG (It is selling solar modules in the South Korean and European markets and has 240 MW capacity)
  6. Samsung ( The company makes silicon solar cells and panels,will start making poly with MEMC)
  7. Hyundai ( The first South Korean company to move int solar panel production)
  8. Solarworld (SWV.DE)– Solarworld is the Biggest German producer of solar panels,the company is one of the few to still have operations in Europe and USA)
  9. Bosch (Automotive company,made expensive acquisitions,now moving production to Malaysia)
  10. Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy (Listed in China,integrated producer of solar panels)
  11.  AUO ( AUO has a  JV with SunPower’s to build 1.4 gigawatt third solar cell fabrication facility  in Malaysia)
  12. Arise Technologies (Canadian small suppliers of solar panels)
  13. BP (Outsources production of solar panels,sells under brandname )
  14. Saint Gobain  ( Sells CIGS panel in JV with Hyundai)
  15. TSMC  ( Sells CIGs Panels in association with Stion
  16. Solar Frontier – Solar Frontier is a subsidiary of Showa Shell Sekiyu and is listed on the Japanese Stock Exchange
  17. Trony Solar (2468.HK)) (Trony Solar is the largest Solar Thin Film Producer in China)
  18. Kaneka (Japanese company producing amorphous silicon solar panels)
  19. Chint ( Producers Thin Film Solar Panels under Astroenergy Name)
  20. Renewable Energy Corporation (REC.OL)(Norwegian company producers poly,cells and modules in Singapore)

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