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Indian Diamond Jewellery Manufacturers,Brands,Companies List – Diamond Industry growing strongly

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Gem and Jewelery Industry in India

Gems and Jewelery is Ranked amongst the fastest growing sectors in India. It is an important emerging sector in the Indian Economy & also a leading sector for foreign exchange generation. It is expected that by the year 2015 the gems and jewelery sector will help India earn about US$ 25-35 billion in form of export revenue. It has a huge market both in India and abroad. Gem & Jewelery sector accounted for 16.7% of India ‘s total Merchandise Exports.Volume of exports reached US$ 43.1 billion as of March 2011. At present, India exports 95% of the world’s diamonds. It includes various kinds of jewels like gold, colored gemstones, platinum and diamonds. During the Fiscal Year 2010-11, the total exports for gems and jewelery stood at US$ 43.1 billion as compared to US$ 29.4 billion during the fiscal year 2009-10. During the same period, the sector registered a growth of 46.5 per cent over the previous year. The sector is expected to register a CAGR of 13% during 2011-2013. This business employs and engages millions; cover wide activities such as raw material procurement from Africa, Australia, Canada and Russia, and then transforming them into beautiful pieces with the skills available in China, India, Italy and Turkey for the sophisticated markets in the USA, Europe, Far East, Middle East and Asia. The gems and jewellery industry is very much fascinating being traditionally glamorous and artistically modern.

Diamond Market in India

A diamond is forever & it also enjoys a very special place in every woman’s heart. It can be termed as the queen amongst the precious gemstones. Diamond jewelery has emerged as a segment showing significant growth in some of the emerging markets. India is also the third largest consumer of polished diamonds. The export of cut and polished diamonds grew manifold in 2010-11 as compared to 2009-10. In 2010-11, the export of cut and polished diamonds was US$ 28.2 billion, recording a growth of 81.5%. Currently India is the major polishing and cutting hub for diamonds. Rapid urbanization and increase in the income levels followed by Indian consumerism has taken the diamond jewelery sector to new heights.

Major Diamond Jewelery Companies in India

De Beers – are the leaders in diamond jewellery innovation in both artistry and craftsmanship. It was established in 2001 as an independently managed and operated company by Louis Vuitton, the world’s leading luxury goods company, and De Beers SA, the world’s premier diamond mining and marketing company. De Beers Diamond Jewellers is the quintessential diamond jeweller, giving substance to style,melding its rich history and long traditions with contemporary creativity and cutting-edge craftsmanship. The diamond is a sparkling, celebratory symbol of continuity and eternity and reassurance for the future, and De Beers brings this beautiful symmetry into the light with its classically elegant jewellery. It fuses the essential timelessness of the diamond with dynamic, contemporary yet classic designs.

Tanishq – It is a TATA Company. It has created a revolution in the Indian jewellery trade and in jewellery buying behaviour. It was launched in 1994 as a range of jewellery and jewellery watches meant for the European & American markets. But there was a rather slow period of economic growth followed by recession in the West. Supplying jewellery to the Americans & Europeans suddenly no longer seemed very attractive. Foreign currency was not an issue, import licences were easy to obtain and the global demand-supply equation for jewellery had shifted in favour of buyers. Tanishq, therefore, shifted its focus to the Indian market. Initially, there was criticism for Titan’s brand entering into jewellery. But eventually, with Tanishq jewellery getting recognition in the Indian market, the critics were silenced.
Tanishq, today, is perhaps the only major Tata brand with a strong appeal for women. Tanishq has revolutionised the way in which jewellery is bought and sold in India. It has started new standards of business ethics and product reliability.It continues to set new parameters of excellence for others to follow. Cut and crafted with utmost care, Tanishq diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity, stating the caratage, colour and clarity of the stone.The authenticity of each diamond is based on the GIA(Gemological Institute of America) standard, the highest measure for diamond grading in the world. When exchanged Tanishq also provides the current value of diamonds, hence giving the benefit of appreciation over a period of time. Besides diamonds, Tanishq also offers Gold & White Gold diamonds.

D’damas – D’damas is one of the most popular jewellery brand in the country today with a presence in over 159 towns and cities.A joint venture between Gitanjali Gems and the Dubai based Damas Group; D’damas is a sub-brand that combines international quality with Indian values. It has a vast variety of brand allows for every customer to suit her personality, taste and occasion. It has gold and diamond studded jewellery matching various lifestyle, occasion and price that cater to diversified customers.
D’damas is committed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and every piece of jewellery comes with a special certificate of authenticity assuring of both the diamond and gold content of the piece. D’damas jewellery is accompanied with an IGI certificate & Hallmarking. The various pieces of diamond jewellery are necklace, ring, pendant, bangles, nose ring, men’s ring.

Nakshatra – Nakshatra is one of the most respected jewellery brands in India and it has played a pioneering role in introducing the benefits of branded jewellery to the Indian market. Launched in the year 2000, the brand has today become one of the leading fashion diamond jewellery brands in India, which is patronized by the women belonging to almost all the segments of the society. It epitomizes the expression of love and affection in women’s life. Nakshatra diamonds have the classic qualities of beauty, radiance, immortality and power, mystery, brilliance & timeless beauty. Each Nakshatra jewellery is an exquisite blend of traditional mystique and contemporary glamour. The Nakshatra Diamond Jewellery collection has a wide range of exquisitely crafted designs, created to enhance every look and light up every occasion.The various pieces of diamond jewellery are necklace, ring, pendant, bangles, nose ring, men’s ring.

Asmi – Asmi Diamond Jewellery was originally introduced by the Diamond Trading Corporation (DTC) in the year 2002 & was subsequently handed over to Gitanjali Gems Limited. Asmi signifies the spirit of the modern Indian woman & her inner strength. Asmi jewellery is priced very reasonably. The design concept of Asmi Diamond Jewellery revolves around curvilinear forms that symbolize the inner fire of women. Asmi is present in more than 750 Retail Outlets pan India. The various products of diamond jewellery are necklace, ring, pendant, bangles, nose ring, men’s ring. The Asmi jewellery has been categorised to mark the different achievements & ages of a woman:

SIDDHI – The Graduation Collection
This is a collection to celebrate & recognize the academic achievements of women.
Age Group: 18 – 24 Years Product Range: Pendants and Earrings

YUKTA – The Corporate Collection
This is a collection to celebrate & recognize women in her corporate & career achievements.
Age Group: 25 – 45 Years Product Range: Pendants, Earrings and Rings

AANCHAL – The Wedding Collection
This is a collection to celebrate the relationship of women on an occasion of engagement / marriage.
Age Group: 22 30 Years Product Range: Necklace Sets and Bangles

ANANTYA – The Pinnacle Collection
This is a collection to recognize all the achievements of women when they are at their peak, for those who have blossomed into independent free spirited women of today.
Product Range: Solitaires, Necklace Sets & Bangles

RASHI – The Zodiac Sign Collection
Exclusive collection of Diamond pendants, symbolizing the 12 different zodiac signs.

Sia – Sia started in the year 1972, when wholesale business of imitation jewellery, leather bags and other related accessories began. At the same time, another undertaking, known as ‘Noble stores’ came into existence dealing with leather purses & accessories. At present, Sia has two leading brands – Sia Art Jewellery, The flagship brand of the company- a complete House of Jewellery for all accessory needs & Sia Solemates, that deals in designer footwear and designer bags.The various pieces of diamond jewellery are necklace, earring, pendant, bangles, bracelet & accessories. Sia jewellery also offers alteration of readymade jewellery accordingly, to any colour, size and to some extent design. Customer related schemes of gift vouchers, credit note, privilege club and festival collections are also undertaken at Sia. Sia has also launched international franchise system to meet NRI’s and overseas customers need.


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