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LED Lighting in India – Types,List of Manufacturers(Philips) and Advantages

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LED LightLED light is a semiconductor light source. They are gaining popularity because they are more energy efficient. Mainly used for indoor, street & home lighting, they come in various brightness & designs to suit ones needs. LEDs are available in wide range of colors from 2700K to 6500K which are dark yellow, mild yellow and ultra white. LED lighting fixtures offer endless color possibilities to enhance one’s environment. Because of the infinite colour patterns, these products are ideal for entertainment, architectural and retail applications. The demand for these lights is rising because of its efficiency and cost effectiveness. The future of household and commercial lighting is definitely LED light & soon it will be everywhere – in our homes, street lights, outdoor signs, and offices, replacing the traditional incandescent lighting.

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  • Energy Efficient – Reduced power consumption unto about 70%
  • Longer life – The operational life of current white LED lamps is more, due to its high strength diodes. It is about 50,000 – 80,000 burning hours as compared to 5000 – 10000 hrs of CFL and FLT.
  • Replacement Cost – is almost nil as compared to others which require frequent replacement.
  • Maintenance Cost – The traditional lights require starters, ignitors and capacitors which require frequent maintenance & repairs. In contrast there is nonsuch hassle in LED lights.
  • Power Fluctuation – Since LEDs are dimmable, input voltage fluctuations does not affect life of LED as much as it affects the other light systems.
  • Material – LED bulbs are made of good quality plastic bulbs and more durable than traditional bulbs and even CFLs.
  • Safety – LED bulbs are very safe due to absence of any mercury and ultra-violet light.
  • Environment Friendly – LED bulbs are both customer friendly and eco-friendly as they reduce CO2 emission, thus helping to create a better world for the future generation.
  • Quick switch on, start within millisecond.

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Ring Lights – These are high density lights, useful for a bright concentration of light at the centre of illumination area.

Bar Lights – These are high intensity LED arrays arranged rectangularly. It’s angle can be adjusted to suit ones purpose.

Outdoor Lights – LED used for lighting streets, pedestrian paths & vehicle routes. These are built of very resistant material, to bear adverse weather conditions, corrosion & rust.

Tube lights – Available in different watts & colours, these lights can be used for both indoor & outdoor lighting purpose.

Table light – These are high power LED with aluminium dome, flexible arm & LED driver.

Decorative lights – These LEDs come in various attractive colours, patterns, shapes & sizes to suit the different lighting needs of it’s customers.

Emergency Lights – These lights are developed & designed, keeping in mind the Indian consumers. They use a unique black eye technology & delivers an all round 360 degree lighting. They provide a battery backup to a maximum of 20 hours.

Underwater lights– These water proof LED lights are used in swimming pools, fountains & other water areas.

Sports lights – Different lighting for different sports complexes. The various types of services offered are Teak lighting, indoor sports courts, stands, high mast fitting, flood lights, hoardings.

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Some of the leading LED lights manufacturers in India are:

  1. PHILIPS – The company is a market leader in cardiac care, healthcare, energy efficient lighting solutions as well as lifestyle products for personal well-being. As one of the nation’s most well-known brands, Philips is a part of practically every Indian’s life. Philips has been operating in India for over 75 years and employs over 4,500 employees around the country. The company has an excellent pan India distribution and after-sales service network. Philips manufactures consumer products like TV, sound systems, household appliances, personal grooming products, PC products & phones, lighting accessories & healthcare products. The company has launched a range of LED lights, by the name of LEDINO. It is a complete range of indoor lighting using advanced state of the art LED technology. The company has come up with lights that are stylish, yet so versatile that it can be used in radical new ways. The company believes in LEDs being the next generation innovative energy conserving lighting solution. The most popular product is the LEDINO Wall light of 2.5 W. The types of products for indoor LED lighting are spot light, ceiling light, wall light, floor light, desk light & suspension light. It comes on different colours like White, black, chrome, grey & aluminium.
  2. GKON – The company is associated with led lighting manufacturing in India for the last 15 years. It is one of the fast growing LED bulbs manufacturers and suppliers in India. Gkon offers a wide range of superior quality LED light bulbs and lamps. Gkon is serving successfully to Indian and International customers in LED arena. Its wide range of LED lighting products include Surface & emergency lights, downlighter, industrial & commercial lights, street, garden & decorative lights (walkover, cover light, underwater light, spike light), LED modules & bulbs.
  3. SUPERLITE LUMINAIRES – The company started its business in 1996, in the field of commercial projects in retail and offices. Today it’s portfolio ranges from General Commercial Lighting to Technically Complex lighting such as Solar supported LED lighting & Cleanroom Luminaries. The company manufactures LED products for various applications like street light, Solar Street light, Passage light, Small area lighting, and Office lighting.
  4. INSTAPOWER – Is a leading name in power electronics for over two decades. Its vast LED product range includes ceiling lights, down lighters, bulbs, street lights, landscape & architectural lights, aviation & industrial bay lights & also LED customised products. Instapower is the largest manufacturer of LED Aviation Obstruction lights in India and has over 100,000 aviation lights installed in India and other countries. Their products are exported to over 30 countries. Their prestigious client list comprises of RDSO, CPWD, DDA, BSNL, VSNL, MTNL, Airtel, Vodafone, Nokia, Indian Railways, BHEL, L&T, DMRC, NBCC, IOCL, ONGC, GAIL, OBC, Apollo Hospital, RML Hospital, Maruti Suzuki amongst others. Their products were supplied and installed during Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi, India and at prestigious places such as The Rashtrapati Bhawan and Parliament House.
  5. DEEPAKSHI DISPLAY DEVICES Pvt Ltd – Established in 1996, Deepakshi Display Devices Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company in Liquid crystal Displays. They started their LED Backlight Plant in 2007. The company has it’s own Backlight Design. Different Side LED Backlight with various color options are available as per the requirements in different application. The company specializes in high power LED Lighting & have applied for New LED Light with various patent, with excellent performance of Thermal Management which is the very core sector of LED design. It has manufacture different Led Street Light of 14w, 40w, 80w, 100w and Led Flood Light of 100w and 150w.
  6. ILLUMINATION INDIA – are known for their quality Decorative Led Lighting and Optical Fiber Light, which are more energy efficient with high illuminating power. The company has positioned itself as one of the leaders in Interior Led Lighting manufacturers and exporters from India. The ample range of products includes Fiber Optic Lighting, Led Lighting Outdoor, Led Home Lighting etc. The raw materials used are sourced from Japan, Germany & Korea.
  7. NEOLON LIGHTING – They produce indoor & outdoor lighting fixtures, decorative & functional lighting products. A trusted brand name for professional, engineers, architects & customers. They manufacture LED spot lights.
  8. HONDA-I INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd. – Based in Bangalore, are the manufacturers & distributors in India of LED lights, batteries, solar electric power systems, embedded development & computer and electronic components.
  9. GLOBALBRAINS – Based in Bangalore, are the manufacturers & exporters of LED lights, solar lights, wind energy towers and structures, wind turbines, solar water pump, since 2008.
  10. EVERGREEN SOLAR SYSTEMS INDIA Pvt Ltd. – Based in Coimbatore, are majorly the manufacturers of LED lights & solar modules.
  11. ELECTRO POWER ENGINEERING – are the manufacturer, retail sales, wholesale supplier, exporter, importer, distributor of LED lights, diesel electric generators,wind power plants, wind energy system components, backup power systems. They are located in Rajkot, Gujarat.
  12. 3S INTERNATIONAL – are Cochin based manufacturer, wholesale supplier, importer, distributor of LED lights since 2001.
  13. AG POWER SYSTEMS – are Mumbai based manufacturer, wholesale supplier, exporter of LED lights, batteries, DC to AC power inverters,photovoltaic cells.
  14. SMARTEN SOLUTIONS – are Bangalore based retailer, wholesale supplier, exporter, importer, distributor of LED and Induction Lighting, Solar panels/modules, Wind Turbines / Generators, Hybrid systems, Grid connected and off grid solutions.
  15. SUNNSTAR INDUSTRIES – Based in Delhi are the manufacturers & deal in project development & design services of LED lighting.

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